Thursday, August 20, 2015

Big Fat Daddys Instagram Pit Beef #foodporn

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As you know we're known for our pit beef, brisket and Texas BBQ offerings, and well, a lot of our Instagram is just that. Here's some of our best and prettiest beef photos! Got Beef? ® We do! First you can see how large the hunks of beef that we start .with, these are our bottom round beef flats. They have the brisket and bottom round part attached. Each one can weigh as much as 25 lbs to start depending on the size of the cow. Here is a good example of how we have dry rubbed with our signature blend of spices.

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We just love to watch the beef cook we will sear the edges and cut it down into smaller chunks. A good pit beef sandwich is medium rare on the inside and has a slight "bark" around the edges.  Of course we like our beef, in fact we love our beef, and we like to dress it real pretty!

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