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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Grilling Tips: Write Down Your Recipe

Get the recipe for this Beef Burger with Anchovies here on RecipesMy
Many of us toss something grand together and mean to write it down. What if you can't remember where you wrote it and want to find it later?

An easy solution to that is to post your recipe to the internet and have it in safe keeping. There are many places you can share you grilled recipes (or non grilled recipes) for that matter.  Many of us share our own recipes on our blogs or websites. What about if you want to share them to other people's websites for safe keeping down the road?  Here are a few suggestions.

Recipes My

This site was started by Sandra, who is passionate about food and cooking and combining new and exciting tastes in recipes. Sandra firmly believes that all recipes should be free, therefore content is creative commons licensed, even for commercial use!  By signing up for free, you are able to add new recipes, but must agree they can be used by others--which means, you can use others you find there too! Sandra says she has much work to do on the site, and hopes to upload 500 plus recipes soon. Maybe your favorite cole slaw recipe will end up in a cookbook someday! I like this site because it's not loaded with recipes *yet, so your chances of getting noticed may be better.

All Recipes
This site is free to join and you can submit recipes, it currently has over 40000! You can keep recipes in your personal recipe box.

Here you can submit recipes here and grilled ones are welcome. You can make foodie friends and "buzz up" each other's recipes, gaining more "clout" in the buzz community.

Here you can submit a photo, which links right to your original recipe location on your site or blog! Warning: Make sure to read Chowstalker's teams and conditions, this is something called Paleo and Primal foods. Therefore, your item should be meat and potatoes and no gravy....

BBQ Central

There are plenty of barbecue forums online which allow you to be a star and join discussion list, post your recipe or write a blog post! One in particular we like is BBQ Central - they have a whole section on recipes just waiting for you to post one.

If anything, you will be writing your recipe down, to find later.

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