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Friday, February 13, 2015

Bacon Wrapped Chicken Myron Mixon Smoker

Big Fat Daddys  Bacon Wrapped Chicken Breast
Bacon Wrapped Chicken Breast Stuffed With Italian Sausage

As my previous posts indicated I put my Myron Mixon MMS-48 smoker to the test. I debated a long time before going with a "box smoker" when I have always used open pits, barrel smokers or drums. I've had a great time smoking all kinds of things on regular old charcoal pits and this is what I've made a living doing.  Well, I tested the Myron Mixon onto 7 meals in two weeks and a wide range of dishes. I have to say, I'm totally pleased.

Big Fat Daddys

Using dry rubs is key. See my dry rub guide.

I modified Myron's bacon wrapped smoked sausage recipe from his book "Smokin' With Myron" with my favorite Italian Sausage, and wow, I was impressed.  I went to the butcher in town to get some fresh bacon, not the store bought in packs. Country bacon from the butcher is larger, wider, and thicker. 

I have also made this same recipe on my Weber Kettle, and well, the chicken (even if wrapped) on most of pits would  come out dry. Here, it was just melting in your mouth with moisture thanks to the technology of the H20 Smoking Technology on the MMS-48 smoker. The recipe is easy, prep time is fast,  and as you can see I made sure to use a little of my got beef ? ® dry rub.

got beef rub

My original Big Fat Daddy's got beef ? ® dry rub

Myron Mixon Recipe modified

I tried three at a time, they were pretty large chicken breasts and large butcher bacon.

Well they came out moist and delicious on the first try.  Even the sausage had a smoke ring to it which surprised me, since it was tucked inside. Eating one of these bad boys will fill you up. And you get the best of pork and chicken in your mouth all at once. What's not to love? 

Big Fat Daddys
Can you say yummo? 
Want to see the other dishes I've made so far?  Start here at Myron Mixon Smoker Review and stay tuned.  

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Bacon Wrapped Chicken Breast

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