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Big Fat Daddy's
Contact us now!  Catering Quotes! Book us now!  Business Inquiries Only! 410-908-9241

All of our catering prices and selections can be listed on our official website:

  • Fairs, Festivals, Special Events :  We are a food vendor and provide our standard or specialty item menus at fairs and festivals. 
  • Food Coordination at Fairs, Festivals or Special Events:  We can even handle booking all the food at your event if you are tired of doing so!  We will handle obtaining enough vendors to service your attendees, and can "buy out" food rights.  We will work with trusted vendors we know, and obtain all permits and insurance, so you won't have to.  
  • Catering Events ,  Reunions , Weddings , Company Parties or Corporate Catering:   We offer free quotes on these events and offer buffet style on site set up. Most of our catering is all you can eat, we don't limit the food to guests which keep our catering customers coming back year after year!
  • Food Vending Sponsorship for Non Profits:   Many times non-profits can't handle doing food vending due to lack of help and volunteers. Partner with us and we'll provide the food at the event and give you a nice donation.
  • Guest Appearances  / TV / Host:  Wayne is available for talk shows, TV shows, or reality shows, contact us to schedule an interview for your needs.
  • Guest Speaker :    Wayne can talk at your cooking event, or put on a demonstration, contact us to see if we can accommodate your needs. 
  • Promotions or Brand Ambassador Services  Wayne is available to promote your products to his various social media outlets. Call or text to find out more!
Question:  You have a restaurant , so can I eat there? 


10 Second History:  Big Fat Daddy's in the 80's started in their Rosedale "pit beef" restaurant / stand  for almost three decades, but with overwhelming publicity, we made the decision to purchase a property of our own.  Now we just do catering, fairs and festivals. We have a 3+acre, 3000 square foot catering "Pitmaster Compound" complete with both an inspected food processing and catering kitchen, warehouses and office space in Manchester, PA.  We are inspected by the PA Department of Agriculture and Serv-Safe Certified with four yearly permits, which include our mobile units, and hold additional Fire and Health certifications in other states.  We currently are not open to the public as we focus on Catering, Fairs and Festivals, which is the true nature of our business now. 

Question:  So how do I get you?

Answer:  The quickest way to get us, is to Text or Phone Cindy at 
410-908-9241.  Please understand we are owner/operating our own booths and can't get to you as quickly as we would like.    As we are often on the road, email is not always the best way. If you choose to email us you may at  .   We never know what icloud may add to our spam folder, so good old fashioned texting or calling is best. 

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Big Fat Daddy's
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