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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Myron Mixon Cooking School 5 Stars Jack's Old South

Jacks Old South Cooking School
This hog was about 225 pounds and fresh from down the road. It was certainly a big pig.

Myron Mixon's Jack's Old South Cooking School 

As you all know I recently went to Unadilla, Georgia to see what the Jack's Old South cooking school was all about. Well, in reality, my wife gave it to me for Christmas and I'm not sure if that was a hint to try to tell me something or what?  ( I think it was her only way to get a mini vacation to Savannah.)

We drove from Baltimore to Savannah (about 9 hrs) and had a great time there for a day. I'll talk more on that later.  Friday we drove the almost three hours to Myron's house--destination middle of nowhere. Now coming from a big city I really liked the fact we were in the middle of the country.  It's peaceful and quiet.  I wasn't sure what exactly to expect.

Myron Mixon Smokers
Myron Mixon Smokers Galore. What a way to pass the day during downtime.

It Is For Everyone

Friday night is just a meet and greet and you find out where everyone is from and break the ice.  You find out what you will be learning and what time to be there on Saturday.  Now, Myron himself tells you this class is for everyone from the professional barbecue guru to the backyard cook. I have to agree after sitting through it, it truly is.

Me and Pops from Tallassee Florida
This is Pops BBQ from Tallahassee Florida!

 Who Goes Here?

I met restaurant owners from California's wine country, a competition barbecue guy from Tallahassee (shout out to Pop's BBQ) who does comps with his grandson and built his very own and impressive smoker, a girl from Massachusetts who says there isn't any good barbecue in her town so she plans to cook her own, and Tim from Savannah who does appraisals by day and stokes up good cue for his wife at night.

Mike Fay Cooking with Myron Mixon
Mike Fay has his own cook team and runs the MABBQA , this weekend he was cooking with Myron--he's from up my way but it seems I found him in Georgia!

I met a guy from Wisconsin, who is perfecting his craft and a team from North Carolina who wants to learn more.  Several chefs, caterers, and a KCBS contest organizer.  A ton of backyard cooks whose family gave this gift to them for Christmas, or some who treated themselves!

Myron Mixing Cooking School
In case you are in the back, Myron has big screens so you see everything he does.

There was easy 65 folks maybe closer to 80ish but you are under a big pavilion, broken into tables and big screens are present so even if you are in the back you see everything.  My wife was one of four women and had no problem being chatty and I hope she learned some new tricks she can sure use some in the kitchen. (If your wife loves to cook or not, either way, she can learn a lot too.)

Whole Hog Cooking Myron Mixon
Myron has to be the best at whole hog.

Competitor Must Have

If you are a competitor Myron's cook school is a must for competitors.  The reason is two fold. One, Myron is giving it up -- his award winning techniques, recipes and methods.  HE GIVES IT UP

Secondly, the proof is in the banana pudding (which was great by the way thank you Baby Elvis).  Myron has proof HERE just many winners came out of his class. In fact, if you must know this very important fact--Myron was beat by two of his students who took Grand Champion and Reserve in a contest.  He came in 3rd. I also heard 4th through 10th were.....his students.

Myron Mixon Whole Hog
That pig isn't looking so big now is he?
He's confident in his skills and technique and has the know how to keep winning no matter what. Now if you account for the fact all those folks won from his school, I think he should get a winningiest BBQ Teacher Award too !   Myron's top secret techniques can also make you the most winningiest man at the family cookout!

Myron Mixon Smokers Heaven
Heaven is at Myron Mixon's house.

What Is Covered

What isn't covered?  Not only is Myron making the injections and rubs in front of you, (you watch him dump the stuff in, and he tells you the recipes) but you are watching him do everything from start to finish.  He shows you. He tells you. Then you pretty much break into groups and do things that you just learned to reinforce everything you just were shown and taught.

Look at Me Cutting Chicken
This is me trimming some chicken!

You are able to taste everything later on the cooked product and now you have the techniques to apply to what it is you do. 

You will learn how to work with
  • WHOLE HOG Cook a whole hog from start to finish - learn to cut, trim, prepare, inject/rub how to make the injection or rubs used (recipes given and made in front of you) , cook times, process, decorate, and eat that damn hog YUM before you leave and there's so much damn hog to eat that you are taking some home with you
  • KCBS BOXES How to make them for all four catergories
  • MIM How to make your Memphis in May blind boxes and decorate your hog
  • Competition tips and any question and answers you want to ask
  • Myron answers any questions and answers you have on anything - from tips to hold your ribs moist in your restaurant , to how to show a hog at catering events, and how to get your dry rub to stop caking. Oh, and who he used to love to beat in comps. (Chris Lilley) Ask him anything.
  • CHICKEN, BEEF, RIBS, and BRISKET -  You are learning from start to finish all about these meats, how to trim, prep, season, inject, rub, cook, hold, process---essentially whatever needs to be done to these and you are getting the rubs/marinades made in front of you--with recipes and cook times. You will watch this being done, write notes, then do this yourself in groups, and eat your meats on Sunday. 
Now notice I'm being very general in description because I don't want to give anything away. If you want to get the recipes go to the class. I should mention during the class you will get fed too. We had danishes for breakfast hotdogs, hamburgers, slaw, banana pudding, apple crisp, pork chops, beef sausage (these were great), for lunches and dinners....

Myron Mixon Pork butt and whole hog for dinner
Here I'm eating some of the whole hog and pork butt for dinner the Monday after.

Now on Sunday you are fed the things you cooked all weekend and are welcome to take home extras. You will be so stuffed on Sunday afternoon that it is encouraged to take doggie bags home.  Then you'll eat some Monday...and Tuesday...

Myron MIxon's Ribs and Wagyu Beef Brisket
Dinner on Tuesday: Myron's Wagyu brisket and  ribs.
The Takeaway

When I tell you I've been grilling professionally for thirty years and have earned my stripes, believe me when I say I learned a whole hell of a lot that's what I want you to take away--anyone can learn something crucial from this class and it's worth the money.  

Now I'm known for my open pit smokers so I won't be changing up my game anytime soon. However, I would be lying if I wasn't telling you I'm going to implement a lot of what I learned in my corporate catering events. Lots of this as well I will apply to home. If I want to compete I know how.

Your meals can get a lot more interesting. The wife is already practicing her version of Myron's cupcake chicken in the stove and already whipped up a great dressing for my salad last night from something along-the-lines-of-Myron.  The class? $750.  Gourmet dinners from the wife? Priceless.

Myron Mixon and Paul Deen Spices
I picked up some Myron Mixon spices (right) and Paula Deen & Deen Bros (left)

You Can Afford It

In my travels the one thing I hear left and right is that it's $750 and too expensive when you factor in hotels, airfare, and car rental or driving.  This statement is not entirely true. It is $750 and keep in mind if you take a guest their rate is think on this.  You are paying to learn Myron's award winning technique, recipes, and knowledge.

He's basically there to ask away your most crucial barbecue questions. He will answer you and show you the way to do things.

myron mixon smokers
Myron Mixon Smoker : The Hunter's Version
How you implement all this is up to you.  Ask yourself how much do you spend on a weekend getaway for you and your wife? (Don't want to take her? Drop her off in Savannah...tell your wife it's a vacation and I guarantee you get the green light. Trust me, it will work.)

Change your steaks to burgers for a few weeks, stop ordering out for a month and guess what, now you  CAN afford it.   

Myron Mixon from Jack's Old South and Wayne Schafer from Big Fat Daddy's
Me and Myron.  You can ask Myron anything. It is the expertise that is second to none.
What I Think Of Myron

I respect this man and personally like the way he's blunt and matter-of-fact. I can relate to his people skills--most people do not realize that when you have barbecue for a career, for over three decades it's hard, hot, and back breaking work and your patience has worn thin.

If you want bullsh*t, go talk to a used car salesman. If you want the truth, go ask Myron.  Myron may be an old bear like me, but he's definitely earned his stripes. When I say earned I mean earned. I'm glad he's riding the wave of barbecue glory.  This man has earned his accolades  he knows his sh*t , bottom line. 

My Honest Opinion? 

If you don't go to the class, it's your loss. 
If you are a competitor and haven't gone, look here.

Note: I did not get paid to write this review, it is my own opinion, and I'm sure if you do enough reserch on the web you will see that there's tons of favorable reviews. For my wife and I, she paid $1300 to go to Myron's class. Rain, shine, or emergency, the class must go on.   CLASS SIGN UP:  Jack's Old South Cooking School  

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