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Food Network Filming Midway Munchies Crab Dip Summertime

Wayne Schafer on Food Network
Wayne Schafer and family with host of Food Network's Carnival Eats Noah Cappe

Food Network Filming

Summer's almost over and I had fun this summer.  Back at the end of May I had the pleasure of filming in Virginia with host Noah Cappe and the great folks over at Alibi Entertainment for the show "Carnival Eats" also named "Midway Munchies" which is in production by Food Network Canada. Season One will premier in October on Food Network and the Cooking Channel.   

These guys took a tour cross country tour all over the States going to select fairs, festivals, carnivals to find the best (and sometimes the craziest) regional foods.  I heard that one of the features was fried cactus. Not only are they featuring everything you will find, but the process in which it's made.  I guess they thought my crab dip was amazingly crazy. Truth is, it's popular in my hometown of Baltimore, Maryland but other states kind of wonder what the heck it is. Imagine seeing this in places where steamed crabs aren't popular.

Wayne Schafer on Food Network Carnival Eats
Food Network's Noah Cappe with Wayne Schafer Big Fat Daddy's

Behind the Scenes Filming

So what goes into 15-30 minutes of TV fame?  A heck of a lot. They did some pre-filming of my product over the weekend which included getting the public to eat and taste the crab dip and comment.  In total about four hours of footage of me, the crab dip, the process, etc goes into getting a good segment for the show most of which will end up on the cutting room floor.  My full segment was filmed with Noah and I making the crab dip on May 26th (Memorial Day) early before the crowds came in Virginia.

Noah Cappe Carnival Eats
 Food Network Filming Carnival Eats
Here's how it went....

4:00 am  My day starts with my wife stressing that it's time to get up. She starts scrubbing my face with some sugar facial crap saying she's making me camera ready and throw me in the shower.  I am not sure what it was but it burnt the hell out of me and smelled like brown sugar.  I decide to leave some manly stubble on my face, because that's the tv trend now.  Wife is not happy about that complaining about the stubble. Good morning!

5:00 am  Off to Virginia from Baltimore.  Got a big coffee, it's going to be a long day. 

6:30 am I arrive in my stand getting the crab dip ingredients prepped and ready for the crew.  Clean up the area, wipe down, and my wife and family are there to help.  I am pumped.

Big Fat Daddy's Crab Dip on Food Network's Carnival Eats
 Had a great time filming with these guys!
7:00 am   The Director and big whigs arrive and talk. In this case I met the owner and we chat about what's going to happen and what other shows they are working on.  Noah has left his hotel and will be here soon, they have a lot to do before he gets here.

7:15  am   The first thing that happens is photography and production crew has to set up the shoot. The important thing is making sure the lighting is right and the segment will look TV worthy. We were actually getting a green tinge from my green and black crab dip tent so we have to shift operations into the opposite tent and flip flop some things so they could film us in the right light.  They didn't want me looking green, and I appreciate that.

Food Network Firlming Carnival Eats Big Fat Daddys
Getting the perfect shot!

7:30 am  After everything is set up to satisfaction, the sound guys set up the sound and we've rearranged everything for the perfect shoot. The area is cleared of unsightly items and Noah and I get on the same page with the Director to find out what production direction we're taking and how they want us to do it.   

8:30 am We're still filming, over and over, different takes and different shots. Noah is a great host and I'm wondering how he can stand wearing that sweatshirt, it's already 75 degrees in Virginia.  I'm having fun with these guys. 

9:30 am  My family is starting to cook turkey legs and barbecue from behind us, and now when we're filming I can smell the smoke from the pit and I'm getting hungry. I hope the sound man can't pick up the stomach grumbles.  There's a hot pizza oven in front of me for the crab dip and a hot grill and pit behind me, and I'm still wondering how Noah can stand that sweatshirt. It's about 81 degrees now outside and about 90 degrees in this stand.

10:30 am Shoot wraps (mostly) and the crew is munching on the crab dips we used for props, hey can't let them go to waste can we?   A few selfies and jokes with the crew and I had a blast.  It wasn't my first time on camera but it was the most fun I've had in awhile.  These guys are great.

11:00 am  I'm finally done and get a few final takes out in front of my stand. My work day is now officially starting, I have some crab dip and BBQ to sell today!

Meanwhile, Noah is off to the neighbor's perogie stand yet he's still wearing the sweatshirt, it's now 86 degrees in Virginia.  I wonder if he wore it in Texas too? Have to watch the show to find out.The first season has 13 episodes!   Can't wait til it hits the airwaves in October!   I will be filming another show soon I hope!

Quick and Easy Summer Salad Recipe

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1/4 white onion diced small
4 large garden tomatos
1 hunk feta cheese crumbled (8 oz)
2 tablespoons sugar
1 cup low-fat Italian Dressing
Mix and enjoy!

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