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Big Fat Daddy's Vintage Baltimore Pit Beef Signs

Big Fat Daddys

Signs, Signs, everywhere there's signs.  Big Fat Daddy's Throwback Signs.

Circa 1990's, before the days of the internet surge or days of Food Network, Big Fat Daddy's restaurant was, in fact, a wooden shack located on Route 40 in Baltimore back in the day. In those days we were part of Pit Beef Row--there was three of us.  Chaps, Big Al's and Big Fat Daddy's. I thought I'd tell you a story and show you some signs.

Pit Beef
Vintage old Big Fat Daddy's signs were restored by original artist DoLoBo, Baltimore.  

Location, Location, Location!

Coming down Route 40 (Pulaski Highway) from the North headed to the City, you'd first see us on the right outside of Little Texas Bar and Nightclub, right before the intersection of Chesaco. We had a nice size parking area and were a tiny shack.   If you continued onward, you would then pass Big Al's on your right,  and then finally Chaps on the left .   Chap's is the sole survivor of Pit Beef Row, still sitting in front of the Gold Club (Gentlemen's Lounge.)  

Big Fat Daddy's
Got Wood?

Both of the other "pit beef stands" made nice with Baltimore City Paper and we did not--we managed to royally piss them off.  Didn't matter though, because Steven Raichlen came eating and who needed the City Paper when we had the New York Times? 

Big Fat Daddy's Vintage Sign
After my brother died, I found the original flap to our building being used as a shelf. Artist Unknown.

Back in the day you could get a Big Fat Daddy's Meal Deal (Sandwich, Fries and regular size Drink for only $5.25).  People loved it.  Of course we pushed the upsize which would run you as much as $6.50, but for upsizing drink and fries, not a bad deal at all.   Taking it a step further, we decided to include the free fixin's salad bar with all meal deals. This is where we had a covered salad bar with the day's special salads free for you. Whether it was my redskin potato or Brian's delicious penne' pasta, you never knew what you would get.  

Vintage Onion Rings Sign
Original Sign from 1980's Concessions

Funny story, Brian  threw up a big heated tent to keep up in the winter, and especially so we could keep the year round salad bar that came with all meal deals.  An "Anonymous Tip" called the county on us saying our tent was not permitted, (it was temporary right?) and $20,000 in legal fees later we figured out that you had to get a permit to keep, even a temporary structure up all the time. (WOOPS) The tent stayed, and we maintained our little shack and our notoriety grew. Brian and I couldn't see eye to eye on things, and fast forward to after the pit beef stand days, I ended up taking full control of my company back. 

Reminders of the Past

It was a little strange after Brian died finding our old flap being preserved all those years. Brian had taken the flap with him when he left the location, and obviously cut it up and flipped it upside down 
to make shelves. 

The stand remains and now sells Crabs and Pit Beef, it's called the Cookout.  

Baltimore Artist DoLoBo
Thanks to Baltimore Artist DoLoBo who has done signs for me over the years.

DoLoBo  & Sign Credits

Baltimore Artist DoLoBo painted and restored our little signs , one of which is now on display at the Southern Food and Beverage Museum.  

The building flap was painted by someone who stopped in needing some quick cash for the day.   We didn't catch his name.  The Onion Ring sign was painted by some chick I used to know.   The below bird was painted by my wife. 

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