Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Got Beef? ® Big Fat Daddys Crabcake Cooking Channel Filming

Big Fat Daddy's on Food Network
Filming with Noah Cappe for Food Network's Carnival Eats Season 2

Food Network Filming

I finished up filming for my second appearance on Food Network's Carnival Eats with host Noah Cappe.  Alibi Entertainment produces this show for them. This time I was at the Brandywine Strawberry Festival and offered a new dish I created, the Colossal Got Beef ?® Crabcake.   As you know I was filmed on Season 1 for my Famous Crab Dip.

Big Fat Daddys
Filming Area. Lots going on. 

Carnival Eats
Carnival Eats Filming Notification

Big Fat Daddy's Colossal Crab Cake
My Colossal Got Beef? ® Crab Cake 

This new concoction, my friends is a Maryland Style Crabcake topped with my famous dry rubbed pit beef, bacon, provolone, cheddar and Famous Crab Dip. A burst of flavors in your mouth means you get to taste all the famous foods I offer in one: Pit beef, Crab Dip and Crab Cake.  These were a big hit this year at the festival and I had a hell of a time filming.

Big Fat Daddy's
Maryland Crabcake Big Fat Daddy's Style 

Bottom Round Pit Beef wtih Marbling
Pit Beef - Bottom Round w/ Marbling 

Crab Dip in Bread Boule BigFatDaddys
My hot crab dip on top this new cake is delicious.

The segment took a few hours to film, it was hotter than a hot buttermilk biscuit on a warm sunny day even though we started early.  I was tired from working so much and had to say a little camera shy. Noah and the film crew are simply great, Spencer and team are great to work with.

Big Fat Daddy's on Food Network

Horsing Around with Noah Cappe

Carnival Eats
Noah, Spencer from Alibi Entertainment and Joe Arvay from Brandywine

A lot of people call and ask why I don't have a restaurant anymore and get upset they have to follow me to the fairs and festivals to try my food. When I first started I did. The Big Fat Daddy's Famous Pit Beef (shack) was a restaurant on Route 40 in Baltimore, back then my brother and I worked crazy hours seven days a week. After all the publicity trying to get the restaurant to keep running and do fairs, festivals and catering was too much.

Wayne Schafer
Boss : Wayne Schafer

I'm glad that Alibi had me back on the second year of Carnival Eats. Look for my episodes:

Season 1  Viva Vienna!
Season 2  Brandwyine Strawberry Festival

Carnival Eats airs on Food Network's Cooking Channel, Thursdays at 10PM EST, but you can find a full schedule here.     In case you don't know about the show, they go from Festivals to Fairs in search of the best and most unique foods. Some include five star recipes, or totally unthinkable creations. They tape in US and Canada so seeing regional foods is interesting.

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Here's some more sneak peaks and outtakes!

Laughing too Hard
Woops!  Noah has me laughing. I am supposed to be looking up!

Noah Cappe
I think Noah is stuck !

Noah Cappe and Wayne Schafer
Thanks to Noah for keeping me on point.

*Noah Cappe is also "Derek" in the Good Witch on the Hallmark Channel.

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