Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Whole Hog on the Myron Mixon Smoker MMS48

BigFatDaddys Whole Hog Slider
Whole Hog Slider pulled from the hog.

Whole Hog on the Myron Mixon Smoker

Well as you know when I got my Myron Mixon smoker this past winter and I did seven meals over the course of two weeks. I really tried to find something that the Smoker wasn't good at, and I failed. I'm being honest when I say this smoker you can't go wrong. I really think the water technology can save even the worst cook out there.   So far I've posted about Turkey,  Stuffed Lobster, and Myron's Bacon Wrapped Chicken  recipe.   My fourth meal was whole hog.

Now, I wasn't going for pretty and garnish, I wanted to process it and eat it.   This swine was from the local butcher shop. When ordering hogs, you can get skin or or off. Usually they need a week or so notice.  Additionally whole hog is sweet tasting and when you cook it fresh there is no comparison.  I pumped him full of injection before I smoked him, which kept him moist inside.

Whole Hog
It held the hog perfectly.

Myron Mixon Smoker                        Myron Mixon Pig on the Smoker
I put a new log on about every 45 minutes to maintain temps. The pig stops are a nice addition.

Whole Hog Big Fat Daddys
The ribs looked so good....almost ready.

Pork BBQ

Processing the hog is easy, the meat falls off the bones and is pink from smoking. Bark gives good flavor. I added some of my favorite BBQ sauce. 

Pork Nachos BigFatDaddys

I made Pork Nachos!

Fresh Hog BBQ Sandwiches
Fresh Hog BBQ Sandwiches

The hog literally started frozen weighing in about 70 lbs but yielded me much less actual pork, total yield about 20 pounds of pulled pork plus the ribs. I picked him clean.  Now, you can freeze your pork in air tight bags and it will keep the fresh flavor for months.

Now, I don't just eat barbecue and hogs. I try to balance my diet in many ways eating fresh fruits, salads and veggies along the way.  I even use My Yogurt Maker to make fresh yogurt.

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