Fairs Festivals

We offer small or large set ups, different stand sizes or numerous stands available. 

Backyard BBQ Menu - Our Most Popular
tailored based on size of events,
* Full cook-house items for larger events, festivals or fairs

Open Pit Beef
Texas Beef BBQ
Pork BBQ
Roasted Corn*
Texas Baked Beans*
Smoked Turkey Legs
Pit Ham and Pit Turkey*
Rib Platters*

Chicken Platters*
Gourmet Italian Sausage
Texas Size Burgers
Texas Cheese Steak (philly or texas beef style)
Gourmet Hot Dogs
Fresh Cut Fries , Cheesy Fries
Tender-Fry Kiddie combos
Assorted Beverages

Greek Gyros and Fair Food - Healthier Options
tailored based on size of events,
Chicken, Beef, or Lamb Overstuffed Gyros w/Cucumber Sauce
Veggie Gyros w/Cucumber Sauce
Italian Sausage
Burgers and Dogs
Philly Cheese Steak
Fries and Chicken Tenders
Assorted Beverages

Maryland Seafood Specialties - Special Events
tailored based on size of events,
Maryland Crabcakes
Crab Dip in a Bread Boule' 
Sea in a Sac Seafood Pitas

Drink Stands - Teaches Kids to Repurpose Cups

Texas Sweet Tea
Fresh Squeezed Lemonade
Fresh Squeezed Limeade
Fresh Squeezed Orangeade
Fruit Smoothies
Bottled Water
Fun Re-usable cups for the kids!

Funnel Cakes N Corn Dogs - Special Events
tailored based on size of events,
Foot Long Corn Dogs
Freshly Made Funnel Cakes
Assorted Beverages and Fruit Drinks

Miscellany Menu Items:  (Least Requested)
Sweet Potato Fries
Fried Vegetables
Fried Fish Sandwiches
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