Get Healthy

Eating at fairs and festivals doesn't have to be unhealthy. 
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Big Fat Daddy's is pleased to announce it's "Get Healthy" Campaign   

Big Fat Daddy's is committed to making extra efforts to serve higher quality healthier foods at fairs and festivals.

Summer Salad
Our summer salad is available in our Upscale Catering Menu for those that are more health conscious!

We offer more healthy selections on our Catering Menu--choose sides that fit your party's profile! 

got beef
Real beef . Not some fake crap.


Most people don't realize that for the past three decades, we've been we've been using only the best cuts of "bottom round" Certified Angus beef for our Texas Pit Beef, Beef BBQ, Texas Cheesesteaks, **Philly CheeseSteaks, and Beef Gyros.  That's right, we've gotten famous off of serving "ass" instead of that frozen processed crap. We cook our beef fresh --- and we never buy prepacked steak-ums loaded with saturated fat. We avoid use of top round which is a more fatty beef cut.   Bottom Round cuts contain less calories than most other cuts of red meat  We also cut our burgers fresh, and never use frozen patties unless it's special requested.  Less processing of foods means a healthier you. 

Benefits of Eating Bottom Round Big Fat Daddy's : 

Bottom Round is High in Proteins, and leaner than other cuts of fatty red meats. It contains high amounts of Niacin, B12 and  moderate amounts of B6.   Loaded with protein and helps your Metabolism! 

We try to obtain grass fed or organic beef as often as we can. We've spoken out about growth-induced hormones in our meats..... 

  • Our Exclusive 5-step Grilling Process has been known to sear  "out" or burn "off" excess  fatty juices or fat from the foods we cook including our Beef, Pork, and Ribs itself while maintaining the integrity, taste and moisture. Most online calorie counters aren't accounting for the fact we literally "burn the HELL" out of our meats on our custom built pits that rage at Satan-Fearing high temperatures! If you don't believe us stop on by for a before grilling and after grilling look-see! 

  • Our Fresh-Cut fries are made from Idaho Potatoes and made with ZERO TRANS FAT SOYA BEAN OILS!

  • When we are asked to serve Old Fashioned CheeseSteaks and not use our beef, we purchase a blend of Beef and Soy Sandwich Steak which is way healthier and leaner than regular old Steak Ums!

  • Our Texas Angus Big Ass-Burgers are made from lean Certified Angus Ground Beef which we try often to obtain Organic or grass-fed versions.  Burgers are seared on our flat top grills w/ special grease drip holes at high temperatures which "grill out" excess fatty liquids from the beef.
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    Big Fat Daddy's knows best about struggling with weight, diet, and health. We could go on and on, but these are just a few reasons why we are more conscious than most.  When going to fairs or festivals, eat in moderation. here's nothing wrong with an old fashioned meal of meat and potatoes.
    Wayne's name says it all--his daughter called him Big Fat Daddy when she was only a toddler and weight-gain runs in his family.

    Wayne comes from a family full of heart disease, he had his first heart attack at age 36, and his grandfather died at age 37.  Wayne believes in enjoying yourself at the fair, but maintaining a healthy diet full of lean means, fish, proteins and healthy vegetables. He loves to juice and walks with his dog Schnitzel when he's not working.   He went from a 5X to a 2X-3X by practicing this. He says, "Being on the road and trying to eat healthy is hard, so I decided to serve up some items I could eat and not feel bad about."

    Wayne Schafer

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