Green Pledge

We do the best we be greener!
Danforth Maine
A view from our piece of heaven on East Grand Lake.

Big Fat Daddy's supports recycling and has gone GREEN .   



We PLEDGE  that all of our used cooking oils are donated to bio-diesel projects -- some of our oil is currently running an old pick up truck right now.

We PLEDGE  that we reduce all facility and office waste by 75% or more.  

  • All plastic, paper, glass and metal generated at our Facility gets recycled via Waste Management at our facility in Manchester. 
  • Bulk metals get taken to the scrapyard.
  • Old scrap from palettes or plywood gets donated and made into signs by Dolobo, local Batimore artist. 
  • We offer a drop site for tin barrels which we can use for ashcans at our festivals or turn into lawn art.  
trophy recycling program Maryland Pennsylvania


We PLEDGE to reduce waste in our home and work communities by maintaining a trophy recycling program for the Baltimore and Pennsylvania community areas, where we collect old trophies and refurbish them. Thus far, we have transformed and provided over 250 usable trophies (made from 600 recycled trophies) for Hogging Up BBQ Festivals in 2013 & 2014, Evel Speed Car Show in 2014 and Big Fat Daddy's Pitmaster School 2014- to present  


We PLEDGE   to only use REAL wood charcoal in our smoker pits which burns clean into dust and not harmful chemical-coated charcoal. 

We PLEDGE  NEVER to serve fountain drinks due to Co2 chemicals and bag-in-box waste that cannot be recycled.  We offer bottled and/or cans sodas and water drinks which are recyclable in MOST areas.  Our fruit squeezed drinks are served in #3, #5 or #6 cups which are now recycled in many areas.  At many festivals we have  ECO-WARE or GREEN-WARE cups which are made of corn bi-products and are biodegradable and compostable. 

We PLEDGE   NEVER to use unhealthy TransFat oils.   We use SoyaBean  or Vegetable Oil to avoid peanut allergies and are more biodegradable than other oils.

We PLEDGE  to choose organic or non-growth hormone meats when we have the choice and when they are available. We have spoken out about this on many fronts and have caught a little slack from it.  We know which vendors practice organic or safer feed to their pigs, cows and birds and those are the ones we try to deal with. Not always is the quantity of free range or organic items readily available to use when we need it, however, we do our best in making an effort to get healthier. 

Dawn Dish Detergent Used by Those Who Care

We PLEDGE only to use Dawn Dish Detergent, as it's water soluble and trusted to be less harmful to the earth and wildlife. For 35+ years it's been trusted by wildlife rescuers in cleaning aquatic animals (from seals to ducks).

We PLEDGE   that when we set up a kid-friendly smoothie/fruit drink stand at your event, that we offer a recycling program.  We offer REFILLABLE VESSELS/NOVELTY CUPS which are take home cups to teach kids about repurposing and reusing.  Most of these novelty cups can be repurposed at home, into a bud vase, or pencil holder on the desk, if not used over and over again for your favorite beverage thereby saving you on refills and saving the earth on waste.  It is teaching the kids to "WASTENOT."

Although we try to be greener being in food service produces a lot of waste. We are saddened that some areas still do not accept recycling of foil wrap , plastic bags, paper cups, as some of these items are evident in accordance to practicing within health department guidelines. We do events in several states and  we see guidelines vary from county to county.  Many counties are now recycling #5 and #6 foodservice Polystrene lemonade cups and Styrofoam #5 and #6 containers, which we are happy to see. We hope this trend continues.
                      This is our world. 
                                 Love it .
                                      WE DO.

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