Big Fat Daddy's owner Wayne Schafer started his pit beef restaurant in Baltimore circa 1982 , and operated at special events. After the NY Times article everything changed, and Wayne focused primarily selling products at fairs and festivals and doing private catering events.  After 30 years in Baltimore, he purchased a large gated facility in Manchester PA that houses his Pitmaster Compound, Licensed Catering Kitchen and office space.

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Fairs .... Festivals..... Special Events .... Catering.....

Wayne specializes in selling his famous standard menu at your fair, festival, or even in your backyard. We cook the meat fresh, and put on a cooking show. We're considered a "landmark" at some events and have been wowing customers for years.  We smoke it up an put on the barbecue show for your guests.  We work with many non profits raising money for charity, and participate in fairs and festivals in many states up and down the East Coast.

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Wayne has 35 years grilling experience with his special dry rub seasoning and open pit style cooking and has a list of credentials, from 100's of publications to print Newspapers, Magazines, Museums and National TV!

Wayne several times for Ray Lewis while he was in Baltimore.

Wayne has catered for large companies and corporations and celebrities!

What makes us unique s we put on the "big show" at your fair, festival, or catering event. Because we know how to grill for large amount of people, when customers walk by they can see the food cooking, and they can smell the love. Our top secret dry rub seasoning, mixed with the open hickory wood pit, reminds them it's fresh. People love to "watch the show."  You can see it go from raw.... fully cooked rather quickly. Our pits are custom made by Wayne after many years of experimenting. They cook quickly and temp at over 350 degrees to be able to cook food rapidly and safely, yet sear the flavor in! We actually have a five step grilling process that is unique to us.  
Only the finest hickory wood is used.  The pits smell nice and are designed to not produce a lot of smoke. They are are housed under a flame retardant tent and we even have special fire safety plans, and crowd control training. We are safe and serious.  Once the beef is smoked, it get sliced and transferred into our stand for serving.
The stands are also custom built by Wayne with sneezeboards, glass windows and are clean and attractive. They are housed under flame retardant tents as well. Since most of the food is cooked on the pit and transferred to the grill for proper holding and serving, it is always restocked and food is always fresh.  So when the customers look in , this is what they see housed behind the glass.

We can do just about any size menu out of the smallest of tents, and the set up is attractive and inviting. Although it can fit in at a bbq show, it can also look nice at a county fair, arts and crafts festival, or special event.  We even do weddings and catering events for large parties over 100, where we set up at your business or home and throw you a darn good backyard barbeque!

Big Fat Daddy's gained notoriety for our top secret dry rub marinated beef flats aka "Pit Beef" back in Steven Raichlein's article on "How to Say Barbecue in Baltimore" in the  NY Times 2000.  We kept that notoriety though the years, even landing in Rachael Ray's Everyday Magazine ten years later. in 2010 with the best beef in Maryland! We do not have a sit down restaurant, as we travel in eight states at fairs, festivals and private events from March to November!
Health standards are crucial. Wayne's wife is Serv-Safe Certified and holds a Chester County, PA Food Manager Certificate. Making sure sure to adhere to the highest of health standards, and buying top of the line quality foods. As you can see our pits are large enough so that we have enough work area to cook several different foods at once yet not cross contaminate.

Big Fat Daddy's is owned by Wayne Mark Schafer . You can read more on the History Page. We are a small Mom and Pop company that takes a lot of pride in what we do.  For larger events, Wayne's family and friends serve as "pit crew" to help him do his gigs. Rest assured we come with lots of experience, all permits and certifications, insurance, tax ID's, and all food is prepared fresh on site and stored in a licensed and inspected kitchen facility  We make huge strides serve healthier foods...and strive to going greener here. 

 Our stands can handle up to 40 MPH wind and can stay put in most inclement weather!  They way they are built and designed make it easy to take the signs down in case of an extreme windstorm.

If you think we should be at your fair, don't delay and contact us today. Give us a call at 410.908.9241 or text us at that same number!

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