Pit Crew

Text me if you want to meet up and grill with me!
Special thanks to my friends and family who serve as "Pit Crew" and dedicate their time and hard work to make our festivals and weekends so much fun!   These folks love to grill and cook and travel with me for fun, and are all about the BBQ experience!

Cindy aka "Wifey" and Cousins Mike and Nick

She sure does a great job grilling, taking care of my paperwork for me and making sure everything is a go for the weekends.  Her cousins, the Vecchio boys are hard working little guys!  They love to grill and intern to learn the basics of running your own business.  Mike has his own landscaping business and Nick wants to be a RN.   Cindy views them more as her brothers than cousins. 

Tony aka "Tony Baloney"

Tony grilling.

Tony is like a son to me.  He's from the 410 area code and loves to grill and put out some tasty meat. Tony is a plumber who is soon going to school for his license. He loves to cook barbecue for fun which keeps him out of trouble on the weekends!  We go to the O's games when not working and love to have a good time! It's always an adventure with Tony!

Tony and Joe Flacco
Me and Tony at the O's game.

Marshall aka Chef Swampy

Uncle Swampy has been my friend since high school and is Cindy's adopted uncle.  He goes by the nickname "Swampy".  He retired from the Army and works part time in a train store. He loves the adventure and traveling associated with BBQ. He can cook some mean ribs!

Miscellany 410 Guest Appearances

Kev stops by every once in awhile when not working at Goucher College to see what's cooking and add his swagger to the group.  

Dale loves to learn how to cook and play with meat!

big fat daddys barbecue cow sign
Who is the pit crew for 2013? Coming soon!

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