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Big Fat Daddy's has free recipes just waiting for you, below ! These are Wayne's original recipes or favorite recipes as indicated. Many people do not know that Wayne spent his early days in kitchens when he was supposed to be in school!.  He would soon learn the ropes of cooking and baking from some of Baltimore's best chefs --- he was making gourmet omelettes at age 5 and writing down his own recipes at age 7.  Who knew he would be a self taught chef so successful ? One day Steven Raichlen would rave about Big Fat Daddy's pit beef in his barbecue books, or that later he'd be haring his recipes on Food Network, or inducted into the SOFAB Museum for contributions to Maryland's Trail of Smoke and Fire?   Enjoy our free recipes below!

Wayne Schafer on Food Network Sharing his Crab Dip Recipe

Wayne on Carnival Eats show teaching the host, Noah Cappe, how to make Crab Dip.

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