Thursday, July 14, 2011

Big Fat Daddy's took Whaling City Festival by Surprise in New Bedford Massachusetts but the Portuguese BBQ Rules

Big Fat Daddy's Menagerie of foods.

We recently debuted our Texas BBQ and open pit bbq foods at the Whaling City Festival in Massachusetts.  Any BBQ guru knows that KCBS type foods are truly not as popular in New England as it is in the Southern States.   My wife however wanted to go north to enjoy a weekend eating lobster rolls and fresh fish.  We did so and had the best Cod, shrimp and calamari at the Waterfront Grille.
Whaling City Festival
From official site.

The Whaling City festival is huge, and the committee is great, especially Manny.  You'll find lots of vendors selling tshirts, purses, shoes, sunglasses, and handmade products.  Food includes fried dough, Sicilian pizza, bloomin' onions, foot long hot dogs, and more Lobster chowder than you can eat!  Unfortunately, it's not a place big on barbecue, at least not the kind I have

Portuguese BBQ, open spit, photo Courtesy of this site.
I was told that most bbq in the town consists of a lot of Portuguese bbq.  It was explained to me that it is done a bit differently, on open flame, or spit, sort of kabob style, in chunks with fresh herbs, like this !

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