Thursday, March 8, 2012

Christopher Walken Harness the Power , Grilling Tips

There's a Christopher Walken in all of us. My wife told me once, we must "harness the power of Walken". If you think about it, inside each one of us is a bizarre character called a cook or chef, who would almost on queue toss together a bit of this, a tad of that, and some things unknown....yet ideally we have the phenomenal foresight to see and feel the taste of the final product.  As we are creating, our tongue is tingling perhaps from the Walken-like ESP telling us this will be the best thing we've created yet....I believe it is in the darkest corners of our mind, lie the best recipes yet. Today's grilling tip is to break some flavor boundaries, and harness your Inner Walken for the best bbq, beef, pork, brisket, fish, chicken, turkey, or whatever it is you are cooking.  Do not fear the mixing of paprika with orange juice--experiment.  Embrace the lime juice and caraway seed.  Sprinkle some brown sugar on that Budweiser Butt Chicken.  GO FOR IT.  Don't you deserve to know the limits of the grilling universe?  Enjoy the videos and THANK YOU CHRISTOPHER.

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