Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Farm to Table TruFlavorWare

Farm to Table Movement
Farm to Table Movement!

BRAND SPANKIN' NEW:  You heard it here first!  Imagine if someone told me my beef and barbecue could taste already better than it is.  Oh yes, it's true.  This company , for the love of all things holy, out of Ohio, is genius!  We are always looking for ways to go greener in our business and in our lives. TruFlavorWare" is a non-metallic flatware (made of bamboo, much like the theory of chopsticks) that "Simply makes Food taste Better!"  Let's face it, Japan and Asia aren't moving to metal chopsticks anytime soon. Wood simply enhances the flavor of their food by not detracting from it. Same principal here, for us Americans who eat with utensils.

These guys over at TruFlavorWare operate under philanthropic grants and have even been referred to as a "Farm to Table Flatware"  because it is such a greener alternative.  Don Ladanyi, CEO TruFlavorWare has even shared with me that he's proud to be part of the the Farm to Table movement, where people are tired of the chemicals not only in their food but in their cooking utensils.  Not only is this stuff amazingly dishwasher safe but completely Eco-Friendly, FDA approved and really appeals to those who care about preserving the safety of their food "farm to table."

(So, if you can't barbecue or your wife can't cook this is the perfect solution. Everything will simply taste better. )  Seriously folks, this eco friendly flatware has even shared the benefits for pregnancy and baby here. The "Chef's Standard" brand includes a 5 ml Chef's Tasting Spoon.  They are working on all kinds of good things besides the e TruFlavorWare flatware line, such as the Patent pending spill-proof soup spoon, and  Chemotherapy patient's flatware set.  These guys are on the cutting edge of adding plates, cups, you name it and all for the greener good.

So make sure to check them out on Facebook and tell your friends because I am sure in a few years we'll be seeing this picked up by a major chain store.  Remember you heard it here first.

Imagine, something so good you cooked, like this soup with natural ingredients, fresh veggies and NO METAL SPOONS. 

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