Friday, March 16, 2012

Menu from Mars Recipes for the Grilling and Cooking Guru

There is magic in those hands...
Imagine our shock when we found someone who loves grilling, cooking, and having fun with their meat as much as we do. What's even better than this, is while he is doing it, he's video taping it for you so you can follow along.   We are of course talking about Andy from Menu from Mars and his super cool recipes!

Andy keeps you smiling and is funny and passionate about cooking and making videos about cooking!

You won't find meals for martians here but instead for humans!  There are great videos from his Menu From Mars  Youtube channel uploaded to his site giving you step by step instructions on how to cook the best ribs, pork, chicken, main dishes,sweets, and all kinds of other recipes.  He is a great entertainer and sometimes you will catch him all dressed up!

Find out why Andy says "Less is More" by clicking on this word ---> Ribs!

Andy has a lot of pride in what he does and his recipes are practical to use in your kitchen. We think he may be the famous someday on the Food Network, and if so, remember us!

If you are up for a real challenge we suggest his homemade barbecue sauce!  Full of ingredients the final product is worth the work and you won't be sorry. Your family and friends will be shocked.  We know you will love his videos as much as we do, and find some funny commercials too!  Please go to his website and check him out!

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