Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Prime Rib Recipe and Prime Rib Roasts

Prime Rib
This illustration of Prime Rib Roast is by Jenny Mathews, who does a lot of illustrating for ZombieLogic.
I get asked a lot about Prime Rib Recipes.  Truth be told there is an inside joke that stems from a Prime Rib Tragedy in our family about Prime Rib and we won't ever eat it again.  One Christmas I took the largest prime rib I could find (a very large bone in portion to feed about 20 people)  to my wife's Aunt's house for Christmas. She didn't know exactly how to cook it, but she never asked, so we assumed she did. 

By the time we arrived on Christmas, and she put it on the table, it was a pile of charred remains.  I wept that very day.  I will never forget her husband asking, "What is that?"  As it seemed she left it in the oven, broiling  for about nine hours, only to remove all the "ribs" and throw them away because it looked too large for the oven. She had cut it into small pieces which of course, disintegrated onto the cooking platter. 

Cooking Prime Rib is a lengthy process, but one that takes care and basting, and proper removal (and keeping) of the rib portions, as these are yummy in themselves or can go to make soup stock or another dish later.

Ever since this horrible tragedy, my wife makes us eat Filet or Ribeye.   So here is my answer to the Prime Rib Recipe: Elise over at  Simply Recipes dot com has the absolute best Prime Rib Recipe.  There are illustrations to tell the how and the why and well, we wish Aunt Linda (see her here) would have read that way back when.

Good luck!

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