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Jalapeno Poppers Recipe Italian Sausage Party

Hot Italian Sausage on the Barbie
These were grilled on a (shreiking) Propane grill!
Hot and Quick Fixings : Hot Italian Sausage and Jalapeno Poppers

Nothing like getting ready for "the big game'.  For the finger biting kind you need something quick and easy, so your guests can grab something from the buffet and run back to their seats. We went with a big table full of everything from taco salad to Italian Kabobs, (no theme here) but my favorite items today are the Italian Sausage Links in Marinara Sauce and Jalapeno Poppers!

Mike Vecchio
Mike Vecchio on the Grill, only a matter of time before we convert him to hardwood.

Italian Sausage Hot and Juicy

For these we used a propane grill while we put our poppers on low and slow on our hardwood grill. The sausage we grilled to about 90% done, when they went into the kitchen to be dumped into our marinara sauce (which had been heated to hot in the crock pot).

For those wanting classic Italian Sausage on a bun, good for them, because the marinara has grilled peppers and onions also dumped in in it so you are appeasing those who want the bread or don't.  Smoking them first gives a whole new flavor to them, gets out the excess grease, and the crock pot keeps them moist.

bbq barbecue italian sausage big fat daddys
Bye Bye Grease Hello Flavor

Jalapeno Poppers on a Grill : You Must Acquire a GOOD Roasting Tray

There are so many great recipes out there for Jalapeno Poppers, you can really learn to love them.  Emeril has some great recipes on line, and my favorite found online was the bacon-wrapped, cheese stuffed jalapeno poppers on the grill.  How can you do this?   Simple.   Go to Mutt Shop Products and get you a good tray--here is the link to the one I recommend, it's on sale  --> JALAPENO ROASTING TRAY!

Jalapeno Roasting Tray
Pic Courtesy Mutt Shop Products who has the best Jalapeno Roasting Trays on sale here.

You can gut, wash, and fill your peppers ahead of time and put them in this great little tray which will keep them standing up. You can use this on the smoker, (or oven) and slow roast them for a delicious taste. Stuff them with your favorite things. 

My Low Fat Ground Turkey Popper Recipe

Ground turkey (1 lb pre-cooked w/black pepper, cumin, and garlic, then drained of grease prior)
Cool the turkey while you are prepping your peppers (to remove guts and lids)  
Small qty shallots (finely diced) 
Sliced White & Yellow Cheddar

You can really experiment with tons of different popper recipes and you will be surprised at how "in awe" your guests will be.  Smoking them on the barbie gives them a whole new smokey flavor, you can also experiment the same recipes with different hardwoods and you would be surprised how different they will taste!

Visit Mutt Shop Products , where this tray above is currently on sale at only $14.99 and look like a fru-fru professional at your next party. I love their shop so much I'm going to add them to my sidebar. I love finding out what the next coolest grilling gadget is, so I keep in touch with them and you can too.  My other favorite item?  Their popcorn popper.

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