Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Pontoon Boat Tequila Lime Chicken Kabobs Recipe

pontoon boating
If you can't catch fish, catch some barbecue this old boat is ready for some 'que!

Summertime , Boating and BBQ

Today was the first day I felt like summer is actually on it's way. It's been a long cold winter and for one, I'm tired of it. I can't wait to get out to fairs and festivals and grill up some barbecue, and of course check out all the sights that summer has to offer.  You get the picture...

big fat daddys bikini
Just sayin' I love summertime.

I was wondering if my wife would go for me converting my pontoon boat into a mobile barbecue unit. I don't catch much fish on the lake anyways--gosh knows I try but I come back with sunburn and the only thing I caught was a beer buzz. The Bologna and PBJ's suck when you are out there all day, mushy from the ice in the cooler.  I'm starting to think there's no fish in East Grand Lake.   Being there's also no barbecue joints up there in Maine, on the Canadian border, I figure I may as well grill it up on the boat and as I pass my neighbors drop them off some tasty barbecue.

Recipe for the Boat

I'm going to start with some chicken breast and let you know how it goes.  While I'm threading the worms on the hook my pit crew will be chopping up some veggies for kabobs. Here's a recipe for your boat and something you can cook on a tiny small grill.

Summer Grilling Recipe - Pontoon Tequila Lime Chicken Kabobs

The night before: Cube and marinate 4 medium sized chicken breasts in a mixture of 1-2 fresh squeezed lime juice, two springs of fresh chopped dill, and lite Italian dressing. Bag it up for the boat.  

You will also need an old ketchup or squeeze bottled filled with a mix of glaze.
This glaze will be:
1/2 bottle Lite Italian Dressing
4 sprigs of chopped dill including stalks
1 small jar of pepper jelly
4 teaspoons sugar
Juice of 2 limes. 

Take with you: 
APack of Kabob sticks preferably soaked in water the night before to avoid splinters
1 Large Red Pepper
1 Yellow or Orange Pepper
1 Green Pepper

1 Large Onion
1 Red Onion
2 Limes
Your Squeeze Bottle of Glaze

Pack of Cherry Tomatoes
Cutting Board
Plastic Tub or use old cooler for dirty dishes
Food grade gloves.

1. Cut the veggies into square or triangular pieces less the tomatoes and limes (these are for last.) Make piles of veggies and make sure you have gloves on. Layer your kabobs with colorful veggies and cubes of chicken. Each kabob should hold at least 5 pieces of chicken.

2. Grill them turning often until the chicken is 85% done, at which time you will add your end cap tomatoes and grill further making sure you don't turn too much at this point as they will fall off.. 

3. Garnish with the glaze squired in zig-zag shape over the kabob and serve with a quarter lime for extra juicing.

Need a Boat? 

If you don't have a boat why don't you rent one?  I know a great site out there that connects boat owners with renters. This is great not only for the owner to rent their boats, but the renters to find a great boat for a day. There's a ton of pontoons on there. Temptoy is the place, and maybe you'll see my boat on there soon if I can't get a weekend off to go on vacation!

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