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Pulled Pork Nachos The Ten Minute Recipe

Pork Nachos
These Pork nachos we made in about 6 minutes.

We've been so crazy busy lately running here and there, that we've relied on quick and simple dishes for dinner.  One of my favorites to serve quick is pulled pork nachos. I'm going to give you my recipe but nachos are pretty easy so you can variate if you'd like.  The first component of course, is a good smoked pork. 

Big Fat Daddy's
Damn, that's purdy.

The pork part of is not quick and easy, that's something you smoke low and slow and prepare ahead of time.  Here is a mish mosh of pork shoulder and boneless cushion meat.  It's really all what you like. Some people prefer boston butts, others only use picnic--I really think it's up to you.  To me, some of my top secret spice and mish mosh of wood charcoals and hickory wood,  spritz with some apple juice now and again, and it all comes out tasting pretty damn good.  Lately I like to mix a few different cuts of pork for a great flavor.

Pork Cushion Meat
The pork takes awhile to smoke on this old pit.

On this particular day it took all day to smoke the pork, so I found something else to do.  I decided it was time to take my old golf cart and spruce it up. Well, there was only so much I could do but a new paint job and some fiberglass putty had it looking nice again.

Vintage Golf Cart
Better than it was. A little fiberglass and paint and stickers and this 1989 historic baby is looking good.

And of course, the pork was still cooking.  Boy that smells good.  I of course still use the old school smokers and pits, so I'm constantly turning my pork all day long and finding other things to do.

Oil Drum Smoker
I don't use fancy fire boxes or electronic equipment, it's all old school smoking for me. Hey, to each his own...

So I cut out some pig signs for my wife to paint for the Hogging Up Festival.

piggy signs

The pork was still smoking.  The thing with pork is the longer you smoke it the better. You want it to fall off the bone.

Pork on Smoker
Pork is almost done!

So when it is done and it falls off the bone, I let it cool and tub it like so...

big fat daddys pork
This is a nice mix of shoulder, cushion, and boneless!
This is when you can take a bit and put it in ziploc bags and freeze it for easy meal making later. The regular sandwich size will give you a nice amount to use in nachos or to make two heaping sandwiches for dinner.   The good thing about pork is it freezes really well and thaws nicely too. I sometimes add some apple juice if I really want to sweeten it up on the thaw.

Pork Shoulder big fat daddys
If you do your pork right for pulling, this is how your bones fall out. By the way, this is Hatfield.
This pork is flavorful and requires no sauce. It melts in your mouth and is moist and meaty.  So now, here's  my pork nacho recipe:

Pork Nachos Recipe

 Quick and Easy Pulled Pork Nachos

Blue Corn Nachos
Three Shredded Cheese Blend 
Pulled Pork
Sour Cream
BBQ Sauce of Choice 
Slotted Spoon

Night Before: 
Thaw one sandwich bag of  previously cooked pork in the fridge the night before.

Day Of: (under 6 minutes prep time)

  • Simmer your pulled pork and a small bit of water in a pan. 
  •  Meanwhile, add your blue corn nachos in a microwave safe bowl, pile on some shredded cheese and zap for a minute. 
  •  Remove the nachos when the cheese is melted and they look warm and toasty. Top with jalapenos and salsa. 
  • Transfer the pulled pork with a slotted spoon removing juice onto the nachos and add your BBQ sauce of choice if desired. 
  • Top with sour cream and you are good to go.
OPTIONAL: Still hungry? Add fresh cut lettuce, tomatoes and onions for a salad style dinner


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