Monday, September 9, 2013

Big Fat Daddy's At the Fair

Big Fat Daddy's Pit Beef

Funny thing  depending on where you go, some places have no idea what Pit Beef is, so here I still do Pit Beef, but I have to call it Roast Beef, and make a special au' jus for it.  Of course my Texas Style has my special barbecue sauce on it.  I didn't mind selling late into the night because the weather finally cooled down.

pit beef

So good you could just slice yourself a big fat sandwich right now! I love the way the tents looked at night with this little festival!  Every year, I feed the same folks, and I appreciate them dining with me for all these years!

Big Fat Daddy's Welcome to the Fair

I only have seven more weeks on the road thank goodness. Then winter comes and I can take a small break and get myself back in shape for next year.  

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If you need Big Fat Daddy's for a fair or festival, contact me 717-793-2124 or 410-908-9241!

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