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Mr. Grill Gloves That Work BBQ Pitmaster Must Have Product Endorsement

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You can teach an old dog like me some new tricks. Mr. Grill Grill Gloves. Read why I love 'em.

Mr. Grill 's Grill Gloves : Holy Cow.

Update:  1.1.15, Mr. Grill has changed their gloves from this type of insulated that I originally wrote my review on , to full silicone, and I'm so happy as they are more sanitary and easy to wash.. Here is the new design:

grill gloves
New Design of Mr. Grill Gloves..

My Original Review from 2/19/14

Finally!  I have tried every single type of glove out at home and at work.  When messing with my hotter than hell pit grates, moving pans around and playing with fire it's tough on my hands.  I had given up because most gloves I found either melted, got burn holes in them real quick , were too slippery, or burnt the living crap out of my hands.  Until now.

Mr Grill Grill Gloves

Upon arrival they looked purdy, but did they work? 

My wife found the Mr. Grill's website and got a few pairs sent to us to give away as prizes for our Hogging Up BBQ Festival. They sent an extra pair for me to review.  (On sale you can get them under $20) .  The one-size-fits-most medium fit me snug and was comfortable. They had the rubbery silicone on both sides for an easy grip. Okay, so they looked good but I was still a little upset with her, since I've spent tons on grill gloves, having to replace them, and to be honest I wasn't expecting anything great to happen.  Until I tried them. I was impressed.

Test #1  At Home Ever Day  Grilling. 

Result: PASS with flying colors.

First I tried them at home on the 'ol Weber.  I cranked it up to cook some gs burgers, that I stuffed with blue cheese in between two patties of grass fed Angus.  (Fresh blue cheese from the  market oh yeah, had to crank the grill up to get that blue cheese to ooze out of that bad boy yet keep it rare on the inside YUM.)

Angus Burger Blue Cheese
Grass Fed Angus Blue Cheese Burgers. The oozing is the blue cheese oh yeah.

Oh yeah I was talking about the gloves. So I literally put my hand on the Weber after removing the burgers, when the heat was the highest and I could not feel a thing. NOT A THING. 

Grill Gloves

Much to my surprise, I could not feel the heat of this Weber.

Their product description says they will withstand heat up to 450°F so I tried them on the big ass pits.  That would be proof positive for me. These grill gloves must from Heaven because I don't feel any heat at all from hell.  They are made of something called Nomex and Kevlar,  so I wanted to test again at max temperature.. 

Test #2  Commercial Use, Competition, Food Vending or Pitmaster Use

Result: PASS with Flying Colors. Far Exceeded My Expectations!

Mr. Grill Grilling Gloves Make the Cut
I think I'm in love.

I don't know what the heck is up with these gloves, but here I had my pit cranking to do some turkey legs and I used them the whole entire time. I had to get the legs done quick (not low and slow) so  I put my hands on the side of my pit and on the top grate, I could not feel anything even at top temps.  I thought they would melt but they didn't melt and didn't stick to the grate.  

big fat daddys
 The grill is smoking, but my hands aren't.

I just have to endorse these gloves, folks. They are spectacular. In fact,  they say "if the gloves don't fit, you can send them back for a FULL refund."   All I can say is these gloves are from Heaven, thank you Mr. Grill.  

Pros: My hands don't get burnt, and they are heavy duty. O/S fits most is accurate.

Cons: Why aren't they silicone , more food grade sanitary and easier to wash? (Update: they have been updated to all silicone since this original article)

WEBSITE:  Mr. Grill
COST:  $18 plus shipping
WHERE TO BUY:    Here on Amazon --> Grill Gloves
FACEBOOK:  Mr. Grill Products

mr grill gloves

Disclaimer: Originally, Mr. Grill sent me a few pairs of these gloves for my Hogging Up BBQ Festival to give away as prizes. One pair they sent to me. I wrote the review based on my free pair, and wrote a truthful review. If they would have sucked, I wouldn't have written any review at all. My wife ended up ordering more of the silicone ones and paying for them later, as we were pleased with this company's products.  They are perfect for the pizza trays for the crab dip too!

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