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Quick and Easy Deviled Eggs Recipe

Deviled Eggs
Quick and Easy Deviled Eggs!


With St. Patty's Day gone, and Easter's on it's way I always bring the deviled eggs. My recipe is so simple that I'm ashamed to say. I like my eggs creamy but to look purdy!  This quick and easy recipe only takes a few minutes to whip up.  
For one tray:

15 Small to Medium Eggs to allow for rejects.
3 Tablespoons Mayonnaise
Few Sprinkles Kosher Salt
Tops chopped off fresh spring onions (aka chives)
3 to 4 teaspoons Sweet Pickle Brine

1. You will need about 15 small to medium sized eggs to fit your tray, and of course, to allow for rejects.  Boil the eggs.

2. I cool them by running cold water over them.

3.  Peel the eggs, slicing in half. Determine which whites are rejects, but combine all yolks together.

4. Press out yolks with a fork to get them to fall apart and become dry fine clumps. 

5.  Once they cool, add in 3 Tablespoons Heavy Mayonnaise, and 3 Teaspoons Sweet Pickle Brine and the salt. Basically if you have a jar of sweet pickle slices, just use the juice from the jar. 

6.  Whip the mixture with a fork, and if it's too dry, add more pickle brine. If it's too runny or not mixed properly, refrigerate your mixture until it firms up making sure to get all the mayo and juice mixed in.  Then proceed to stuff!

7. Top every other egg with either paprika, or chives. I cut the top off a few fresh spring onions. It makes a very nice display contrast of colors.

The whole cook-prepare time is under 30 minutes if you use cold water to cool your eggs.


Here's how I keep them perfect. In the very center of my display, I'll add some kale or lettuce for padding, add some extra eggs and in the center a large strawberry or ornamental piece of fruit.  For transport I cover the strawberry or ornamental fruit with a cup upside down, or in this case, coffee mug then wrap them with saran. These will never get smushed in transit.

Deviled Egg Cheat Recipe


I immediately rejected some of these eggs as they were not whipped property or blended right. You can see this because the mix being too runny and not sat in the fridge like it should have been.  Some have hard cuts and aren't shaped right. You can also see some lumps and clumps.  You would want to allow these out the door in catering or when cooking for others.  In this case my family snarfed the rejects in no time flat.

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