Friday, May 20, 2016

Big Fat Daddy's Catering Food Vendor

Big Fat Daddy's
Big Fat Daddy's Ferrante' Sweet Rope Sausage 

It's been awhile.  This season is off to a wet start!  Blah! We have had rain and snow on weekends in April and May and we are hoping for some dry sunshine! Here are some recent photos from us grilling it up at events! 

Big Fat Daddy's BBQ
We can set up stands at your event, rain or shine!

Rain or shine we'll get the food ready for your catering event or show on time! Don't forget we cater to large parties in Maryland, Delaware, Pennsylvania, Virginia and more!

Grilled Lamb, Big Fat Daddy's
 Grilling Lamb for Gyros / Pit Lamb

Smoking Turkey Legs, Big Fat Daddy's
Smoking Turkey Legs

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