Thursday, May 25, 2017

Big Fat Daddy's Famous Pit Beef

pit beef
Famous pit beef, how good is this? +Big Fat Daddy's  ©BigFatDaddy's

Big Fat Daddy's famous pit beef goes through a five step process before it hits your tummy.  Wayne is careful in his meat selection. Although many articles are written that we use top round, indeed we do not.  Our special selection of meat is cut into small quadrants (always the same way for years) and marinated several days in our famous dry rub seasoning.

Our seasoning is all natural and made in small batch quantities, fresh spices which contains no anti-caking agents.  Dry rubbing keeps the flavor in.   The pieces are then refrigerated for safe keeping.

They are braised and cook over high heat, general a fire box or barrel smoker, using wood. More keys are that wood is used to add the smokey taste, never a smokey additive or seasoning.  Wayne currently uses oak and apple, peach and some others.
famous pit beef baltimore style bigfatdaddys
Pit beef seared and bursting with flavor only at ©BigFatDaddy's

The flavorful hunks are turned constantly over high heat, searing the outside making a nice "bark" yet sealing in the flavor. The insides are medium rare to rare.

The next step is the resting process where the meat is resting in order to retain the medium rare on the inside and well done on the outside.  This we have implemented highest quality standards to ensure all HACCP procedures are being met, before we slice it paper thin.

Baltimore Pit Beef
                                Big Fat Daddys famous pit beef ©BigFatDaddy's

At the festival  you will see it going on the grill medium rare, but doesn't take long to hit well done.  It doesn't matter, the meat is so flavorful you will enjoy it on our subs including having it cheesesteak style with yummy peppers and onions.

Big Fat Daddy's has been doing pit beef for over 35 years, and is considered an expert in dry rub seasoning.

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