Monday, June 26, 2017
Recently Wayne went to Los Angeles to discuss possible franchising of Big Fat Daddy's as shown here in the LA Journal!  Currently founder Wayne Schafer retains all rights to Big Fat Daddy's and there are no franchises....yet....

big fat daddys

In case you didn't know,  Big Fat Daddy's spent 30 years in Baltimore, originally starting as a roadside restaurant specializing in Pit Beef....soon taking the show on the road. Now Wayne Schafer's enterprise is located in Manchester, PA. Unfortunately, t closed to the public!   This multi acre property encompasses a private catering kitchen, pit master compound and office space tucked quietly away in a countryside setting.  Wayne does fairs, festivals, food vending, special appearances, pit master classes and catering events.

Specializing in :
Pork BBQ
Texas Beef
Ribs and Platters
Roasted Corn
and everything you need to make your guests smile!

Need to book us? Text or call today!  410.908.9241

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