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Sunday, March 3, 2019

Steamed Crabs in Baltimore Instagram BigFatDaddys Natty Boh

Crabs in Baltimore
 Steamed Crabs and Natty Boh : Baltimore Tradition

Sure has been a long time since I posted. I have a slew of pictures I will be posting to my instagram  soon.   It's quicker and easier for me to use my @BigFatDaddys Instagram on the road .  I hope you will follow me!

Recently I took my daughter out for crabs at Mr. Bill's Terrace Inn in Baltimore for steamed crabs.  I have been going there as long as I can remember. They always have great steamed crabs, with the Old Bay put on heavy but it's good.
In fact, it's hard to get good crabs this time of year with demand for Mardi Gras, etc.

For those of you who aren't East Coast steamed crab eaters, I guess the best part of eating steamed crabs is the talking and picking. It is a THANG that you have to get used to. 
  • Your hands will get dirty, 
  • You will have crab seasoning all over you (and your shirt, and probably your chair leaving you wondering how did it get on my chair?)
  • Even after washing your hands you will smell like crabs after (use some lemon based soap to kill this)
  • You will be thirsty, so drink plenty of water after eating crabs before you go to bed.  This is due to the rock salt and Old Bay seasoning which contains salt. 
  • While eating crabs in Baltimore, try some Natty Boh, it's a tradition!
Mostly eating steamed crabs in Baltimore is a tradition.  It brings family together and cherished time to catch up on busy life.

I would love for you to visit my steamed crab posts below on Instagram, and tell me where is your favorite spot in Baltimore? I have even in the past enjoyed Crab Quarters in Essex and The Barn in Parkville, but haven't even been there in ages or know if they still have crabs.

The crabs above were in my opinion more like a medium in the old days, but they were sold as large, for $75/dozen.  They were packed full of meat and a lot of picking but good and delicious. 

I remember the days when crabs were $35 a dozen in the 80's but now expect to pay $90 and up for Jumbo or really large crabs.  

For a Baltimore foodie, real love is steamed crabs.

me and my beautiful daughter Liz. always take time out for family! its easy to get caught up in work but family time is quality time . had dinner at Bills Terrace Inn in Bmore that’s one of my fave eating spots ! best crabs ever ! . i am so proud of her🤩 hard worker in food like her dad lol😘 she manages a restaurant 🍎🍉🍒🍅 and has a real talent for painting👩‍🎨 she just started teaching paint classes anyone in baltimore should check her out @peacelovepaint01 and take a class . . . yes yes that IS a #bulldog tshirt . when is the last time u hugged your daughter? #wordsofwisdom —->do it more often . #daughter #daughters #fatherdaughterdance #father #fatherdaughter #love #family #familyguy #baltimore #bully #familytime #instalove #dinnerdate #familylife #familytime👪
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