Monday, January 31, 2011

Alternative to Taco Bell ; Eat at Home Ground Turkey Tacos

Taco Bell's been in the news lately.  (My wife loves that stuff.) Urghhhhh.....have I mentioned how sad I think it is that a piece of beef in the US can contain only 40% beef and 60% bi-products and be called beef?  You won't find me using that cartlidge-ground-nose-pig tail-crap in my offerings, or in the stuff I eat at home!  So here is my recipe to keep the wife happy!

Taco Bell Alternative Recipe Wife Don't Know the Difference:

Taco Recipe Big Fat Daddys
"Big Tomaters" and ground turkey, Big Fat Daddy style.
At home however we love to enjoy tacos that are healthier made with Ground Turkey or Ground Chicken.  A little chili powder while cooking and it tastes just like a good taco should.  We like to mix in the Taco Bell sauce (sold in the grocery store) while the meant is cooking to get the Taco-Bell-like taste.  Now you can fake out the wife, kids, mother in law, whatever into thinking she's getting grade A dog food ground meat when in fact it's healthier for her.

I like my tomatoes chunky and so we load it up.  Don't forget the lettuce, cheese and sour cream though!

Did you know Kirkwood (ground) Turkey in the individual pound roll is actually a 85/15 blend and contains 17grams of fat per 4 oz serving, (almost the same as most ground beef!) So it's better if you are going to buy ground turkey to try to find the 93-99% lean to avoid the extra fat content. Otherwise, you could buy a cut of leaner beef, or ground round and eat your tacos in moderation!

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