Monday, February 14, 2011

Eggs in the Morning : Eat Now, Whine Later got eggs?

Nothing like eggs in the morning.... 
egg recipe

I'm sick of "don't eat this" , "don't eat that", when in fact it's all about moderation.   Whine later to me about the bad effects of eggs, when in fact they are full of protein and nutrients. I only buy free-range eggs by the way.

For my eggs:

Add Five tablespoons water
and Diced red pepper (orange 2nd choice)
To to pan and simmer....
when red pepper is soft....
Add 2 eggs , slightly stir with spataula and flip.
Turn off pan when 80% cooked-slightly wet.
Top with cheese, eggs will continue to cook and cheese will melt.
Remove from burner, top with Sea Salt, Freshly Cracked Pepper.

Enjoy your eggs.
Oh La La' says the hillbilly caterer.
Nothing like eggs in the morning.

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