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Citrus Marinade Rump Roast or Bison Roast Recipe

Citrus Marinade Recipe
Here's a citrus marinade secret recipe for your beef, steaks, bison, rump roasts, top rounds, and even game meats !
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Citrus Fruit Marination Recipe:

This recipe is for a perfectly grilled:
Rump Roast
Bison Roast
Top Round Roast
Eye Round Roast
Deer Roast

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Apply this recipe during and prior to grilling: (enough for a jumbo sized brisket, or for 6 steaks)

First you need to make an equivalent of  "1 Bottle Light Italian Dressing"


         Make Your Own: 2c Vinegar, 1c Olive Oil, tablespoon fresh chopped Basil, teaspoon fresh chopped Dill, half teaspoon fresh chopped Oregano, fresh chopped garlic (2 cloves, we crush in mortar and pestle or try to grate in cheese grater) sea salt, two to four teaspoons all natural sugar (give it the taste test).  Some may choose to add more or less Italian ingredients to taste.
add this to:
1/4 cup Spring or purified Water
2 small Onions Sliced paper thin (we like red or white)
2 Oranges Sliced Thin (lemons and limes are optional but don't overdo the limes)
1 tsp fresh dill 
1 tbsp fine Sea Salt

For a Citrus Fruit with a Hot Dang Kick 
Add : 1/4 Cup HOT SAUCE, 1 tbsp coarse black pepper

Mix together and let hunk o' beef sit in this mixture overnight. Best to turn once every 12 hours so both sides get coated.  It's proved to be better if you let it soak for two days, but grill on wood charcoal and use all the marinate early on as the marinade may contain beef blood and or juices that will need to cook off.   Discard any leftovers.  You will taste a sweet but savory taste, unlike no other.  This is a gluten free recipe!

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