Monday, May 23, 2011

The Big Fat Daddy's Anna Stickel Scholarship at Kenwood High School

Big Fat Daddys

I'm damned proud to report that we will be donating the first ever Anna Stickel Scholarship to a lucky recipient of Kenwood High School's class of 2011. This personally means the most to me, out of anything. It will be awarded to one student 5/26/11 in the Kenwood School Auditorium.

My wife and I work hard in life; but believe that it's what you do NOW for others that really counts in the end. We're always the first to help out a friend when we can, and we work with such organizations as Special Olympics of Maryland, Bell Socialization Services and Relay for Life.  When my wife and I saw the news on Anna Stickel last year, it touched the both of us. We didn't know her, but we saw that Anna was only 14 when she was hit and killed by a train, walking along the tracks to school, in news coverage by Ron Matz.  

We then saw her mother carry out a courageous battle to erect a bridge to prevent other kids from suffering the same fate. Her mother got a lot of flack from the locals, and I kept thinking to myself, that I don't know where half my tax dollars go, so what is the problem here?  I thought so much of her mother; in time of tragedy and grief, to have the strength to fight for what's right to help others.  The problem was the County and opposition didn't want the bridge to be another reason the kids would hover near, around or by the tracks. They saw it as encouragement to go near the tracks. I understand that.
A Video of Anna and For Anna made by ShaneRed:

Our kids go near the tracks even though we tell them not to. They do a lot of things we tell them not to do as parents. All I can say is I've walked a few tracks in my life-but trains have come a long way from 35 years ago. Trains are more quiet now and many what appear to be defunct tracks are used, sporadically and without warning. Factor in an i-POD blaring our kid's favorite tune, and by the time they feel any shake or shudder it's too late. Innocence is lost.
Anna Stickel
Anna is remembered by her friends and family.

I am happy this year that a FENCE BEING ERECT so that others won't suffer the same fate as Anna. I am even happier that we are able to do this Anna Stickel Scholarship in the memory of a child, whose tragedy, or her mother's courage did not go unnoticed by her community. We encourage other local business owners to do the same. ♥ 
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