Monday, January 16, 2012

Go Ravens : Ray Lewis #52 We Are Bleeding Purple

Nothing goes with good BBQ like football.  We are so very proud of our Baltimore Ravens! Even more so, we do have favorites............

Big Fat Daddys Ray Lewis Ravens
We love you Ray!  Thanks for always motivating our boys out there on the field! Thanks for your years of solid performance with the Ravens.  In our eyes, you are more than just part of the team, You Make the Ravens.   We'd love to see you sporting that Superbowl ring. Now take us all the way, baby, let's go and kick some New England* ass.

(*Sorry to my roots up North, but this country boy is bleeding black and purple...)
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Baltimore Ravens Party
Big Fat Daddys Baltimore ravens game
Wayne Mark Schafer
Food Suggestions for Game Day:

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