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Recipe: Chicken Soup Tribute to Ray Rice Keep Warm on Game Day

chicken soup recipe
With our without rice, our chicken soup is nice!
Since our beloved Ravens are off to the AFC championship game, we decided to break out our Chicken Soup w/ Rice recipe. Using this with or without Rice is nice...but for the Baltimore Ravens  Rice is a must.  This chicken soup will yield you approximately 12 - 6 oz servings, more or less depending on how much water you add.  This should keep you warm on game day!

You will need:
Five frozen skinless chicken breasts
**1 Cup of Chicken Stock (Use 1.5 to 2 times this if you use the optional rice to this recipe)
1 tablespoon of butter
1/2 teaspoon of basil (you can substitute Italian Seasoning)
1/2 teaspoon dill
5 medium to large carrots
1/4 yellow onion
6 stalks of celery
Sea Salt and Pepper to taste

Optional: For Non-Gluten Free recipe add 1 cup Rice cooked in another pot while you are doing the rest of this: 

In a 6 qt stock pot with lid simmer your frozen chicken breasts on medium-high covered with 6 to 8 cups or water (more if needed - only to the top of the breasts.) Cook covered while you chop and dice your veggies.

Veggie Prep: 
Slice your carrots thin. Dice your onions small.  Cut your celery into 1/4" to 1/2" slices, and chop the leaves, we recommend you use the leaves also.  Place in a bowl awaiting transfer into stock pot.

When your chicken reaches internal temperature of 165 degrees, remove breasts to cutting board area, with caution as they are hot. Leave existing broth to simmer down to one inch of water in your stock pot. When existing broth hits one inch, remove lid and turn heat down to medium. 
chicken soup for the soul

Now it's time for love... Add your Basil, dill cut celery leaves, butter, salt, pepper, and cut vegetables.  Veggies will start to simmer and existing one inch of water will start to evaporate, if that happens too quick, add enough water only high enough to cover the veggies. Note the veggies are now meshing with the leftover chicken breast stock and love is happening. This should only take a few minutes to get your veggies to half cooked while you are cubing your chicken breasts on the cutting board.

Big Fat Daddy's chicken soup recipe
See our tip , we did not use any high sodium chicken stock, but our own frozen leftovers!

Once your cubed breasts are finished, add them back in with chicken stock** and fill to desired level in pot with water (if you use a six quart pot, we suggest filling to at least 4.5 quarts, adding 12 more more cups of water.)  Simmer on low for fifteen minutes, which should yield you a bit under 4 quarts of soup.   Once your soup looks like ours, it's time to serve and enjoy, unless...

OPTIONAL Adding Rice (optional for non-Gluten Free Users): You may wish to add rice. Many chefs add it during the last few minutes of cooking, but due to absorption factor we enjoy cooking our rice cooked in another pan, and adding in once we turn the soup off.  We also suggest using up to two cups of chicken stock and some extra water, as rice tends to absorb this.

**Chicken Stock Tip: My wife swears that you can achieve more by saving and freezing your own chicken stock. Once we are done with our butt chicken carcass, our cooked chicken carcass, or if we have pieces we haven't touched such as wings, legs, thighs, or skin,  she often boils the remains and skin down for at least two hours in five quarts of water. I never used to believe her, but I' starting to. After two hours the remnants are reduced to about a quart of concentrated golden yummy chickeny  stock. Oh yeah, we love that stuff. 

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