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Dear Steve Chili Sauce Recipe for Hot Dogs and More

Chili Sauce Recipe

Dear Steve,

I got a letter from your mother who isn't happy that you have been reading my blog and calling everyone and everything (including your sister) "BIG AZZ".   I checked in the official "rule book" and your mom is indeed right on this one!  In fact the Big Fat Daddy's official rule book specifies:

a) The only time you can use this word is when you are at least 13 or with the consent of your parents.
b) When you 13 you can then use it only when referring to BigAzz Texas Burgers, and not people, places , or things (unless you're talking about the size of Texas.)

So in the meantime I think you owe your sister and everyone in your class a big 'ol apology.  In the meantime Mom says you enjoy cooking with Dad on the grill so here is a Chili Sauce recipe that you can help your Dad make. Have Dad cut the veggies and you can help mix up the sauces. It's a bit spicy so use sparingly!

Chili Sauce recipe - Topping for Hot Dogs and More 
For Gluten Free: Eat Your Dog Without the Bun!

1/4c  cup Ketchup
1/2 c Chili Sauce (your favorite)
1 tablespoon Hot Sauce
1/8 c white Diced Onion
1/8 c Diced Green Pepper

Mix and let sit in fridge 4 hours before using.  Great for hot dogs, hamburgers and more!

A step further:
Make your own Chili Sauce here , there's lots of steps but this guy has it going on.

Hot Dog Chili Sauce Recipe

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