Saturday, February 4, 2012

Pitmaster in Action Beef Ribs Pork : Barbeque in the Making


Here is Wayne with cousin Dale smoking some meat on his barbecue pit. Wayne uses a five step grilling process wherein most meats must go through the smoking process. This time Wayne has come prepared, he's pulled out his second pit (right backside) to prevent running out of food before lunchtime! On the main front grill (left to right) you'll see to right he's got smoked turkey legs, pork ribs, and cooked beef (you think it's brisket but he is famous for using bottom round).
ribs picture

The beef will be removed soon and thinly sliced, for Famous Texas Beef Subs, BBQ Beef Subs, and our version of the Philly (let's say Texas) Cheesesteaks!  Now the ribs will have ample grill space to cook.  In the back right of the photo, you'll see Wayne's custom smoker is working on the pork hunks over top hardwoods. He uses boneless pork butt and cuts it small, to sear in the flavor. It will then be shredded fresh onsite for the famous Big Fat Daddy's hickory smoked pork bbq. Can you just smell the flavor?  Now I'm hungry.

Pit Beef on the grill
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