Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Recipe Beef Tips on the Griddler Round or Rump Roast Oh My

Beef Tips Recipe

You can tailor this recipe to eat it gluten free, or in a wrap with dressing. Depending on your diet, there are two ways to do it. It's low prep time and super easy. I suggest using a grilling surface whether it be a griddler or outside barbecue. I found this tasty recipe by accident.   My mother got me a Cuisinart Griddler for Christmas to do quick meals for lunch on at my warehouse.  Now I want to say this was a stretch for me, as I heard mostly they are for Panini's. It's just in my blood to grab a small pit and throw some wood in and toke it up. After looking at the Griddler for a week I tried to make friends. First I did a few things on it, first hot dogs (the buns and dogs came out perfectly grilled), then grilled cheese on Pita Bread (again I was impressed) then I graduated to real meals.  I have to say as a BBQ Guy this was a stretch for me to even try to use this thing, but I found it to be great for beef tips so I thought I'd share how I made them.  

I trimmed and cut up a rump roast, but for more tender lovin' use an eye round roast. For optimum low-fat, buy a hunk of Aussie beef or Organic beef which is usually grass fed resulting in less fat.

I marinated the cubes for two days in :

  • A small bit of Worcestershire

  • Small Onion - white NOT yellow or red!

  • Pinch of Cracked Pepper
You can use any grill but my Griddler was on medium and I slow grilled them until they were a nice medium rare. They will be full of flavor as the white onions are strong.

Eat cubes by themselves when done, or throw on top of a salad.  They will be delicious and a great way to get protein in your diet.
Beef Tips
Gluten Free : eat it as it is!

At the last minute I threw some pita bread on top to steam it up a bit--the pita became soft and flavorful from the onions.  I then served the onions and beef cubes in a pita with some low fat ranch dressing.  Add lettuce and tomato if you want it to resemble a GYRO. Wifey ate it minus onions and she said the meat had a strong onion flavor. from all the grilling and onion vapors So, I have to say, it was darn yummy and very low prep and cook time.

Now I want to be clear that I used the bottom round cubes but a lot of people say they are more on the tough side. The key is to grill them just right and not too much but let them marinade at least 48 hours marination.

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