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Mother's Federal Hill Grille Review

Mothers Federal Hill Grille
As a native Baltimore native I get asked all the time where can people go to eat good food?  I am going to share my top secret hiding place. I LOVE  Mother's Grille in Federal Hill and highly recommend them!  My wife celebrated her birthday last month, and I told her she had carte blanche to go anywhere she wanted to go.

"Mother's," she said.
Mothers Grill Burger
This is a photo of the burger I got. It was picture perfect. 

This particular night Pearl Jam was booming loudly (for her) and the TV's football highlights (for me) drew me in. I went straight into ordering the famous Heart Attack Burger. (It made the Food Network so I figured better try it...) This night, it was half price. (*Every day there is a different special, and they are open 7 days a week.) 
wayne mark schafer
I have to say this burger has to be the Best in Baltimore.
I mean as an angus beef guy you would think I'd be tired of eating beef, particularly burgers, but not this time. It was love at first bite.  The burger seemed to have been deep fried and full of love and flavor, but inside so moist and juicy, a nice medium taste.  I could barely wrap my mouth around it.  I had a few Fat Tires on draft. Love that stuff.  For a moment I forgot it was her birthday. I thought it was mine for a minute, as the food was dynamite.

Best Crabcakes Baltimore
She got this sweet ass dish.

She ordered some fancy Chocolate Martini type pretty thing that knocked her on her ass and then quickly changed up to regular soda. (Someone had to drive home right?)  She had to have the double crab cakes, garlic mash and side salad.  I mean look at those crabcakes!

Baltimore Crabcakes
Wife says Best Crabcakes in Baltimore!
I had to snag a piece of her cakes, and from a scale of one to ten, I'd say they are an eleven easy--full of jumbo lump and flavor! NO FILLER!  She finished her meal off with some homemade ice cream, one scoop of vanilla--which really is a family recipe they said. It was rich and delicious. 
Mothers Federal Hill Sign
Funny sign in the parking lot.

The service was excellent, our waitress Jean Marie checked on us several times and didn't let us go thirsty. No matter how busy she was she got to all of her customers, and that's unheard of in these parts.  We had dinner, drinks, dessert for around $68--before tip. Normally we can't go anywhere for under $100 for the tab alone, so it's obvious Mother's wants you to come again and again.  Note: We did not get paid for this review.
Big Fat Daddys Wayne and Cindy
We Love Mother's! Hope to see you there!
Now a lot of people I know worry about parking--but don't be. There's a great self-pay parking garage right behind the place!  The crowd is mixed, young and hip with the old like me, and you know what? Everyone is cool here and everyone gets along. What to wear? Anything!  Mother's has an old welcoming Baltimore hardwood-floor hip and trendy feel. We saw people in business suits, football jerseys, and sweats. Doesn't matter really. Anything goes. (They even have pajama parties.....)
Big Fat Daddys Pajamas
Have Pajamas?
So check their website to see when the next Pajama Party or Pajama Brunch is. They also do catering and have private rooms. If you aren't up to hanging out in a bar style setting, sit in the cozy dining area.  On the way out we gazed at the Purple Patio area and the giant #52 for Ray Lewis. Oh yeah, Baltimore Ravens love lives here.  

Mothers Grille Ray Lewis Sign

 Mothers Purple Patio Picture
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