Friday, March 30, 2012

Texas Sized Grill Brush TexasBrush

My barbecue friends and I can really throw down some food, not just out on the road when I'm doing it professionally at fairs, festivals, or barbecue events but at home. There is nothing better than having your friends and family over for a big old barbecue, pig picking or cookout. The grillmaster in all of us needs one thing to avoid burning up our food (and to avoid burning down our deck, grill, or surroundings) and that is a really good grill brush.  When I saw the way this was made with great wood design and super strong steel bristles I knew this was the ultimate grill weapon!

I just wanted to share with you a REAL un-doctored photo of my new TexasBrush. They are not lying when they say it stands 4' tall. They have a few styles, now the  junior brush is only 2' long if you want it smaller.  The great thing about having this long handle on the original version is you don't have to get burnt up when scraping if your flame is on!
I am not lying when I say the brush stands taller than my filing cabinet and vacuum cleaner.

I am going to test it and give you my honest opinion in a few weeks when I start up again on the road.  I wanted to tell you I am overly impressed with the size of this thing, and the quality of how well it's made. Not to mention my name is burnt into the handle which makes me feel real special,. For $49.99 this is high quality and for now I am totally impressed. Wait to hear more...  Grill on.

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