Monday, April 9, 2012

Sweet Potato Recipes and Healthy Eats

Go find out why sweet potatoes are different than yams at Sweet Potato Purple Potato website where they have the best recipes! 

You say potato. I say sweet potatoes.  I love them, in fact, they are a healthy sweet alternative to regular old whites or yellows anytime!  They add spunk in your trunk!  I mean it. I can do them in french fry form, in cakes and pies,  mashed up with cinnamon and butter, in sweet potato salad, or on side of my pork (see below).  I nabbed a lot of great recipes from Derrick over at  Sweet Potato Purple Potato website.  He's got a bazillion sweet potato recipes and even one of his all time favorites--Butternut and Sweet Potato Whole Wheat Lasagna!

Bottom line, is sweet potatoes are good for you and Derrick loves them more than I do! His website is loaded with great recipes and lots of information on sweets and purple potatoes! I mean do you even know what a purple potato is? If not you better get over there now and find out!

There you will find recipes galore!

Here are my faves and you can click on them to go there and get them for free while you are checking out the rest of their site!

Big Fat Daddy's Favorite Sweet Potato Recipes

Visit him, you won't be sorry.

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