Wednesday, April 25, 2012

BBQ Pitmasters On Location

BBQ Pitmasters

So in Salisbury this past weekend they were filming for the BBQ Pitmasters third season.  On Friday, it was quiet on the set.

Myron Mixon Pitmaster

Saturday I had some slow down time and was able to wander over to see old Myron in action!  They had the area roped off but it was open to the public. You could watch them in action if you wanted, from about 30' away.

Myron Mixon Pitmasters pic

Truth be told I found the set pretty cool, in front of these tents they had all kinds of BBQ spices, props, grills, etc just about heaven for the grilling man.  I love the smoker here:

Although it seemed they were in their own competition for the Season Three series, this competition had nothing to do with the actual KCBS competition that was happening in the attached lot. It's hard to see with the entourage (above), but if you look closely you'll see Myron Mixon discussing some BBQ (below) to Tuffy Stone et al.  I imagine this is what he was saying:
Myron Mixon pic

They had him shielded with black drapes as it was pretty sunny out, but you couldn't miss his white hair.   Later in the day the Pitmaster crew film guys stopped over to film some of my ribs cooking on the pit.  They had me sprinkling some spice on top. Wonder if that will make the show or the cutting room floor.  Guess you'll have to watch next season to find out.

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