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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Big Fat Daddy's Endorses Texas Brush

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As I told you before  I received my grill brush from  Texas Brush  and have now done a thorough review of it. First let me tell you, I have been in business thirty years by being honest. I don't endorse things unless I believe in them. Here is an honest review of the Texas Brush (I use the $49 Texas Grill brush .)

THE DILEMMA:  I am a commercial barbecue guy who does big fairs and festivals each weekend. I have giant barbeque smokers and huge metal bbq pits and must cook several different products on them so it's very important that my grill brush cleans quickly, efficiently, and doesn't crap out on me.  I would have to say I go through at least 25 regular grill brushes a year.  Here is what they normally look like after one weekend.

big fat daddys


Cleaning Your Grill

Nothing wrong with a little essence on your grill, but for me I need to burn this off quickly, because I may decide to use the grill for a different product and the health department won't go for juice or essence, it has to be clean and I have to do it quickly.

To prevent cross-contamination I must knock this muck off quickly and swiftly. When the food particles and excess grease is cleaned off the grate, it also helps toke the fire back up quickly. 

Big Fat Daddy's Pork  BBQ


I wasn't expecting the Texas Brush to surprise me , or hold up for me, but it did. It is easy to use, it glides right over my pits. Here I am in Maryland caught using it so I taped this little ditty.  "I need a Texas Size brush for my Texas size grill."   It holds up, the bristles DO NOT BEND. Two different sides help you get a little or a lot of muck off. 

I used it again, and again, and again, and all I can say is "A PLUS". If it lasts for me, how long do you think it will hold up for the home griller? A long time!  There are a few more benefits too.

Big Fat Daddys Using Texas Brush photo

More Benefits of the Texas Brush:
  • It is easy to stand up, and doesn't take up too much space in my truck. 
  • The brushes are made of natural wood,  and steel, both of which are more green and Eco-Friendly.
  • They are made right in the USA. God Bless America. 
  • You can get your name burnt into the brush, or made to order just how you like it. 
  • These make a heck of a gift idea! 
  • They do a lot of work for charity! Your purchase will help someone, somewhere. In fact just today, just now they were working with!  You never know where they will help raise money for next.
I'm Endorsing the Texas Brush :

Therefore, I'm happy to announce I'm endorsing their products and will recommend them to all my barbecue friends, and even endorse them as the best commercial grill brush around.

Since Making this Post:

I've had chance to interview the owner Bill Flannery of Texas Brush right here.
    Go and check out the Texas Brushes for yourself at   TEXASBRUSH. COM

    This post has been updated on May 25, 2017 for quality assurance.  Please follow us on Twitter! 

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