Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Backyard BBQ Catering and Finding a Caterer


Pick a winning catering company. One with a great reputation and one that will leave your family, or corporate clients pleased. Big Fat Daddy's  has been in over 100 publications, inducted into a museum, had recipes on Food Network and catered for Ray Lewis, former linebacker of the Baltimore Ravens (twice) what more do you need?   Great food, huge portions and good prices? We have those too! A wall of fame? We got it!

Big Fat Daddys

We primarily do backyard bbq style catering, and offers many options.  For most parties we offer the all you can eat buffet, which most caterers don't do. Believe it or not, more and more people want to have the all-you-can-eat backyard barbecue at weddings!  We also do a lot of corporate catering during the weekdays!

Big Fat Daddy's spent thirty years in Baltimore, and moved operations to York , PA but still service Maryland, Baltimore, Virginia and Pennsylvania as long as the date you request is available and that you have close to 100 people.

You can check our current selections on our catering page on our website.  Or, call to inquire.


Catering Directory

Of course if you are looking for a fancy schmancy caterer, fine china and caviar, I'm not your guy, but the good news is you can find one by looking at If you are looking for catered, part-catered, or potluck? Free information, advice, and catering directory. 

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