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Nascar Scrapbook BBQ Devolver and More

monster mile nascar
The Monster Mile

The Nascar Experience

So this past weekend I'm at Nascar selling barbecue.  We used to sell in Home Depot Parking Lot, but for the past two years I've been outside the track--near the 5 Hour Energy Fan Zone. This is what you would see if you looked in the window.

Window of Big Fat Daddy's in Nascar

Unfortunately, the wind was not cooperating and our giant signs were blowing down. This causes some havoc on us.  There was a bad storm but thankfully after hours of operation.  A fan stole my wooden turkey leg display sign but the security guard got it back.

Nascar and Big Fat Daddys

Now we weren't smart like other concessions stands who have just one or two items in their tents--they have lower signs and they weren't blowing anywhere. We had Texas Beef and Pork BBQ, Texas Cheesesteaks, Hatfield Quarter lb franks, Texas Burgers and our Giant Turkey Legs plus fries and drinks.

How to Sell Food at Nascar

If you are wondering how to sell food at Nascar, good luck. We were invited by Paige, the old Vendor Coordinator. Nascar used to allow a certain number of vendors into Nascar other than DJ's Concessions who used to have the majority of the food. That all changed in 2011 when Nascar gave DJ's Concessions all the food. Not only did DJ's wait until the last minute to send us a contract, (who does that) but he upped the rent from exorbitant 30% of gross sales that Nascar charged you to a whopping to 35% of gross sales even though Nascar assured us it would be the same. Oh, he expected you to buy soda direct from him, and ice, but there was no delivery of such items like there are at most festivals. My wife was out of product.  On top of that, he slapped us with inventory sheets when we got there and wanted us (each day) to count every single roll we sold and balance our inventory. He also didn't like our guys hats being sideways, and told my wife to tell them to turn them around. Guess he didn't like the way my guys have tattoos.  He asked my wife if she had a three pan wash was although it was set up right in front of him and she's a certified food manager.  Needless to say I would rather throw my barbeque into the Back River for the crabs to eat than go and deal with him again.  He expects your stands to look like this (one item and whitey white)
Sorry, bbq guys that sell 20 items out of one tent don't look like this!

Camping at Nascar

Now part of the whole "Nascar" experience is the campground. You never know what you are going to find or what you may see. There were five guys in a kiddie pool drinking with a big sign, "Honk and we'll drink." I didn't see them after the first day. I can only imagine they were down for the count.  There's no running water, but you can fill your camper with tanks or pay to have it filled. There's also portable showers to the tune of $6 each.  They have onsite ice trucks and Giant sets up a giant tented store just for the event. My wife managed to make her way to the casinos, tattoo parlor, local bars and restaurants and see a live concert in the campground during this short stay.

Devolver and Red Angel Perform in Campground

Red Angel at Nascar
Lot 10 of Nascar Campground Nando Garza, Lead Singer of Red Angel is rocking right now.

Now what no one will believe is the fact that on Saturday night, a full fledged soundstage was set up by local talents like Devolver and Red Angel and 13:1 were in the lineup.  All are local rock bands. If I told you in the middle of Lot 10, there were smoke machines, stage lighting and Marshall amps set up for all to see you'd probably think I had one too many Ricky Bobby Brews. First up was Red Angel, you can find them on Facebook (listen to them here)  on their Red Angel Band Facebook Page or on Twitter. They are from the Delmarva area, and we talked a bit to the lead singer Fernando Garza!


Last but not least we watched Devolver, Delaware's fresh new talent!  They were rocking the stage at nightfall and they kicked ass. See their profile on Reverb Nation here, connect with them on Facebook  or follow them on DevolverRock on twitter!  My wife was a big fan of this group and I am glad we got a chance to see them!  You can also check out their website right here.

Local band 13:1 closed out the show but we missed them, busy getting ready for race day catching some zzz's tucked away in our bunks.

Thanks guys for making Nascar such a blast!

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