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Smithfield Chef Scott Boland and Boneless Pork BBQ

Wayne Schafer

PORK HACK  : In case you are in a hurry and need to save your "butt". 

I had the pleasure of hanging with Chef Scott Boland of Smithfield a few weeks ago. Although he works for the big Pork company, he had no qualms tasting my Maryland Style Pit Beef.  Chef Scott is a great guy, and a very qualified top Chef.  He comes up with all kinds of gourmet recipes and things to do with Smithfield products.

I do enjoy grilling Smithfield. I use their ribs and on this particular day I was using their pork butt to do my barbecue,  above is a video of my Pork Butt Cooking and smoking and here is why...

When to Use of Boneless Butts:

I use them as a last resort.  Let's say you're vending or catering and your worried that you'll run out pork, and you know bone in pork takes hours low and slow. Boneless butts can be ready a lot quicker. These guys can be cut down small and smoked at high heat, seared to get the smoke flavor in and chopped or diced quickly. Saturate or spritz it with apple cider and / or your favorite hickory bbq sauce and I've just told you how to save your ass with butts.

Seriously.  Not saying they are as good as bone in, but I am saying if grilled and smoked the right way they can come out tasty!

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I have been up and down the East Coast, and tried all kinds of Barbecue. I can honestly say they are all wonderful and no two are alike. Some have a cider base, some vinegar, some honey, and some sweet. You can go from tangy to tart, sweet to scrumptious, and no two are exactly alike. My pork bbq goes through a five step process.  On this day, I had to move in a hurry.

Here is what happened with my boneless, hey, it was good though.
End of Story.

Boneless Pork BBQ

Boneless Butt turned out okay. See my regular Pork here.

It was great catching up with Master Chef Scott Boland in Massachusetts


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