Thursday, May 3, 2012

Interview with Texas Brush Owner Bill Flannery

texas brush
After our A+ review of the Texas Brush, we decided to talk to Bill Flannery owner of the Texas Brush who
of course makes several TEXAS sized grill brushes right here in the USA .

Bill, can you tell us more about these brushes?

I have sold millions of our brushes , simply because they are well made and perform an essential task .  They were made specifically for ultimate cleaning of the grill and grills of any size. 

Yes, even our big grills, we can't believe it. They really hold up well!

Yes, they work on grills of any size (flat top or grated) -- withstand temperatures reaching well over 800 degrees. See when you’ve made one product since 1997 ,  you kinda understand what’s important to folks when cleaning the grill 

Big Fat Daddys

We really like the engraved name on the side.  What are some names you have gotten? 
We offer custom engraving to make the Texas Brush a really funky and personalized gift .  Here are a couple of good ones we've gotten: 
  • " Vegetarian beating stick " 
  • " # 1 Dad "
  • " This ain’t no sissy brush "

So the personalization is a big hit!

One of  my favorite things to do , is after eating a a great restaurant , I will grab the owner , chef or managers card ,  then we will make up a personalized brush and ship it out with a short note . It’s a great way to thank folks for a great meal and an easy way to get our product into the hands of people that will appreciate it .

We assume you are a grillmaster yourself, so what does grilling mean to you?
I love fire !  The crackle and smell of mesquite! The fact that pecan or hardwood charcoal gives meat and fish an unbeatable new flavor . Yeah sure, gas is easier , but nothing beats hardwoods for flavor!  I use a propane torch to start the fire a bit quicker, but not too quick . See I use the extra time getting the grill ready to visit , make some cocktails and enjoy the ceremony of grilling . 

We notice you have special "flash sales" on the brushes and some benefit charities! Where should people look for these specials? 

We do sales to the public in fact here is a link to a flash sale Sale for TexasBrush on recoup. You can shop direct with us, or find us on : , and soon on  Customers can keep up with us  here  On Faceboo.  Of course, if you miss any of our sales, just call us anytime 888-428-6675 , use code “ wow dad “ for special savings! 

Thanks Bill!  
If you want to see the model we use of the Texas Brush, click here.   
You can read our honest and thorough review of it here

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