Friday, July 27, 2012

East Coast West Coast Eats Something to Chew On

Barbecue Mayhem

Have you ever stopped to think that you can taste a thousand different barbecues up and down the East Coast yet all will taste delicious but no two alike? Certainly this is due to different ways of cooking and different spices, sauces, woods uses, etc.

Big Fat Daddy's pit beef is premarinated with dry rub.Learn all about dry rub here.
Where's the Beef?

Problem is I often wonder about the whole East Coast vs West Coast ways of cooking. Let's take beef for instance. I bet a steak in Texas is cooked totally different than a steak in Maryland.  This means you may not care for a sirloin in your home town but visit a different state and see how they prepare, marinate, or cook it and you may just change your tune.

I'm unsure if the West Coast knows anything about Baltimore Pit Beef and Dry Rubbing.  Now I don't know, I've not been to California to see if they have pit beef stands so I'm curious to know what I may be missing.  Some other states call it London Broil which is another version of Pit Beef in a way, as they are cooking and slicing the same darn way, but not sure if most use the dry rub.

Seafood Surprise

Maryland crab cakes taste totally different than Pennsylvania crab cakes which taste altogether different than New Jersey crab cakes. I often wonder how you can change a recipe so much when it really only calls for a few items? I suppose it's all based on where you grew up, what you are used to eating, and how you like it made. Maryland eats hot crab dip but in Virginia they look at me like I have three heads when I try to sell it down there.  

Big Fat Daddys
My wife loves lobster salad, but only in Old Orchard Beach, Maine--no two places seem to make it the same!

I'm all for shrimp but I would not be a cowering pile of fluff if someone invited me to an old fashioned Crawfish Chow Down where the scary little buggers still had their heads on. That is one big old countrified HELL NO for me.

Red and White Hot Dogs

I guess you can chalk it up to red and white hot dogs.  In Maine the red casing hot dogs are made with lamb and beef and taste yummy, and are pretty common around there.  Rochester and upstate New York has Zweigles (pop open) totally white hot dogs.
Courtesy of
Courtesy of , the Maine red hot dog.

Now I grew up in Baltimore where the Esskay plant is, and we didn't have all these fancy gourmet colors and varieties.  I feel like I got shorted. Make sure to catch the article over at about the red hot dogs.

Are You Hungry Yet? 

If not this will sure make you hungry,  check out the Best Restaurants in Los Angeles. There's some great reviews of five local restaurants over at Barrys Tickets and I hope to visit them real soon as I think that Father's Burger is calling my name. Sites like this are very informative when you are planning a trip. Best to check out what local food reviews are and consult with local yocals  who write articles and know exactly what you MUST eat when you are in their town.   Yum.  See, I think I am missing some things on the West Coast. 

Road Trip 

So I think it's awesome to think about what foods you may be missing out on. My advice? Travel often and sample lots of local foods.

I want to hear about your regional favorite food, something you get in your state that just isn't prepared the same elsewhere! Let me know Tweet me @BigFatDaddys

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