Monday, September 17, 2012

Barbecue Party Grilling Tips and Party Hints

Tony Merendino
Soon we will be grilling it up at our own shindig.
Party Time
This year we are planning our first annual barbecue party for our closest friends and family. At the end of our busy season, we want to kick back and relax at the farm compound with a band, some good old fashioned pork BBQ, great contests, and maybe even play some football or have a backyard cookoff. A lot of people write in and ask for Grilling Tips for a home party, never knowing how much food to order.

Home Party Grilling Tips
In my experience, when the average cookout only lasts a few hours, people on average, eat six to seven ounces of meat each. The reason being, they will make a decent size (maybe even heaping) sandwich the first time through the party line, which consists of a roll or bread, grab some side items, a drink, and snacks. Now, if they are big eaters, they maybe come back through to the food once. You have to factor in the some will eat more, some will eat less rule.  If you have burgers, pit beef, and hot dogs, you don't necessarily have to figure in one of each per person.  We also find that when people consume alcohol, they generally eat less.  Now this will change if you have an all day into the night party,  you had better grill for the masses.  They will be eating grub with you all day long.

Party Mayhem
Now my wife stresses over the tiny details and has found these great five things I wanted to share with you.
Cow Ice Mold Got Beef
These cow ice trays are only $3.69 each at LovelyMold on Etsy.

1. Cow or Bull Ice Cube Trays 
The first thing is the ice cube trays as pictures above.  These take the cake. My wife is going to be busy for a month making tiny ice cows and bulls with silicone molds (above) in the shape of little cows.  We listed these first because you can only make four at a time, so get freezing.

BBQ Party Invitations
Thanks to Sweet Magnolia Design on Etsy for having such kick ass invitations.

2. Invitations
A good old country BBQ invitation is a great way to make a good first impression. Now my wife is an artist so she did up her own but if we hadn't, we would have gotten these off Etsy at Sweet Magnolia Design. They can personalize them just the way you want them.  Hell Yeah.

3. Sweet Treats to Eat 

You have to make a cake, in fact there are plenty of recipes where people are making hickory maple cakes or adding in barbecue sauce now to get a really cool flavor. For our barbecue party we may go with a cow cake, a state of Texas cake since we sell big ass Texas Beef, or maybe just a bunch of little cupcakes with cool toppers like the ones we found over at  Cake Links, the cake decorating supplies specialist .  These folks are out of Christchurch!

They stock Cake Decorating tools and equipment, including Cake Toppers, Icing Cutters, Sugarpaste, Modelling Paste, Modelling Tools, Cupcake Decorations, Boards, Boxes and Ribbon. Basically everything you would expect in a cake makers aladin's cave and more! They pride ourselves on offering a first class service to all our many customers. They  have a fantastic product range which they are always adding new innovations, and trends!

Pig Beanie Hat
Patty out of Illinois on Etsy makes these for just $12 at alpacapatty

4. Costumes and Fun Stuff

What a great way to embarrass your friends or wait til a few beers kick in and dress up like pigs and cows. Oh yeah, have to have some costumes and mascots going on at the farm party.  If you don't feel like getting a Halloween costume and dressing like a pig or cow, have your old faithful bff do it.

Dog in Cow Costume
Thank heavens for Little Dog Fashion on Etsy, where we can let the costume task go to the dogs!

Of course I'm not talking hubby or wife, but the family dog.  We've seen everything from three little pigs costumes for your dog to a bull mascot.  If your little buddy can handle it let him run around and spread some piggy or cow love and cheer at your barbecue party.

Signs are essential. Go to TrueConnection on Etsy to see more!

5.  Signs and Decorations
What would a party be without signs and decorations? If you don't feel like making them yourself, here are plenty places to buy them. Signs like the one above can be used for just about any party.   They don't have to cost a lot but they are essential to your party!

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